A Biblical and Theological Critique of the Doctrine of Irresistible Grace

The Intelligent Design of Humans:  The Meaning of the Imago Dei for Theological Anthropology

Teaching Them to Observe the Doctrine of Salvation:  Tiessen's Accessibilism vs. Jesus's Exclusivism

What Is a Baptist?  Nine Marks that Separate Baptists from Presbyterians 

Truth for a Postmodern Era

The Future of Southern Baptists as Evangelicals

Agent Causation, or, How to Be a Soft Libertarian

A Theological Protocol for Palliative Care

The Transdimensional God:  A Proposal Regarding God, Time, and Providence

God's Relation to the World:  Terrance Tiessen's Proposal on Providence and Prayer

Providence and Prayer:  A Response to Tiessen's Proposal

Evangelical Theology in the Twenty-First Century

Subjectivity in Kierkegaard:  A Reassessment

Personal Identity and the Afterlife

A Hermeneutic of Stewardship:  The Biblical View of Animals

The Biblical Case for Midtribulationalism

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