Online Courses for Graduate Students

Online courses offer you the convenience of preparing for your ministry from anywhere in the world while earning fully accredited hours toward a degree or certificate program. For more information, consult our Online Learning Center.

Current and upcoming graduate online courses are listed below with syllabi linked to course titles. Syllabi for additional online courses not offered this semester are available on our Generic Course Syllabi page. Other very helpful information may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Click here to register for graduate online courses.

Summer 2015 Graduate Online Courses

BBBW5200 -- Encountering the Biblical World
(Dan Warner)

BBDS5302 -- Dead Sea ScrollS
(Dennis Cole)

CEEF6211 -- Teaching Practicum
(Angie Bauman)

CEEF6301 -- Philosophical Foundations
(Emily Dean)

DISC5260 -- Discipleship Strategies
(Hal Stewart)

ETHC5300 -- Christian Ethics
(Billy Puckett)

EVAN6221 -- Church Revitalization
(Gary Dennis)

EVAN6351 -- Contemporary Trends in Growing an Evangelistic Church
(Bill Day)

EVAN6354 -- Great Revivals
(Bill Day)

HIST5200 -- History of Christianity: Early-Medieval
(Mark Foster)

HIST5223 -- Baptist Heritage
(Tim Bray)

HIST5301 -- History of Christianity: Reformation-Modern
(Danny Nance)

MISS5330 -- Christian Missions
(Ken Taylor)

MISS5350 -- Ministry to Refugees, Immigrants, and Internationals
(Ken Taylor)

MISS6232/6332 -- Contemporary Mission Methods and Movements
(Ken Taylor)

MISS6248/6348 -- Life and Work of the Missionary
(Philip Pinckard)

NTEN5300 -- Exploring the New Testament
(Delio DelRio)

NTEN5322 -- NT Exegesis (English): Sermon on the Mount
(Owen Nease)

NTGK5300 -- Introductory Greek Grammar
(Allyson Nance and Charlie Ray)

NTGK6300 -- Intermediate Greek Grammar
(Matt Solomon)

NTGK6317 -- Greek Exegesis: James
(Craig Price)

OTEN5300 -- Exploring the Old Testament
(Jeff Audirsch)

OTEN5314 -- OT Exegesis (English): Chronicles
(Josh Burnham)

OTHB5300 -- Introductory Hebrew Grammar
(Jonathan Patterson)

OTHB6300 -- Intermediate Hebrew Grammar
(Jeff Griffin)

OTHB6318 -- Hebrew Exegesis: Proverbs
(Archie England)

PHIL5300 -- Philosophy of Religion
(Page Brooks)

PSYC5202 -- Counseling in Ministry
(Craig Garrett)

PSYC5321 -- Human Development
(Craig Garrett)

PSYC5323 -- Family Development
(Craig Garrett)

PSYC5340 -- Lifestyle Development and Career Counseling
(Paul Gregoire)

PSYC6301 -- Mental Disorders and Treatments
(Linda Littlefield)

THEO5300 -- Systematic Theology 1
(Bart Box)

THEO5301 -- Systematic Theology 2
(Adam Harwood)

See the Graduate Schedules page for complete master's course listings. Syllabi may be obtained by clicking on course titles.



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