Details on the Baptist College Partnership Program

Attention Undergraduate Students!

Once you are within a year of graduation, you may begin the application process to NOBTS and start taking BCPP seminars. You may earn up to 13 hours (3 seminars) during your senior year of college and then complete the fourth and fifth seminars after your graduation!  Furthermore, when you are within twelve hours of obtaining your Bachelor's degree, you may begin taking up to 8 more hours of graduate level courses through our seminary's Internet, Hybrid, or Traditional class settings.  And finally, after your graduation, you may start the testing process for as much as 1/6 of your Master's degree through the BCPP (e.g., an 84 hour M.Div. degree = 14 hours of testing).

What Are These Seminars We Keep Talking About?

Qualified students may be able to participate in one or more of the following seminars by completing at least 6 hours of undergraduate credit with a "B" or better in that given field:

  • Old Testament Focused Seminar (4 hrs)
  • New Testament Focused Seminar (4 hrs)
  • History of Christianity Focused Seminar (5 hrs)
  • Developmental Studies Focused Seminar (4 hrs)
  • Preaching Focused Seminar (5 hrs)

The annual seminars will meet 3 hours per day for 5 days, with library assignments from the professors forming the foundation of the primary discussions.  A student's final pass/fail grade is based on completion of pre-seminar readings, participation in class discussions, presentations in class of previous research, and post-class submission of the required research paper or project.

What Are These Tests We Keep Talking About?

Qualified students may be eligible to earn up to 1/6 (e.g., an 84 hour degree = 14 hours of testing) of their Master's degree through our one-hour tests below by completing at least 3 hours of undergraduate credit with a "B" or better in a corresponding class:

  • Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics (3 hrs)
  • Encountering the Biblical World (2 hrs)
  • Baptist Heritage (2 hrs)
  • Christian Ethics (3 hrs)
  • Christian Missions (3 hrs)
  • Counseling in Ministry (2 hrs)
  • Church Evangelism (2 hrs)
  • Church Leadership & Administration (3 hrs)
  • Historical Foundations of Christian Education (3 hrs)
  • World Religions: Islam (2/3 hrs)
  • Introductory/Intermediate Greek*
  • Introductory/Intermediate Hebrew*

*In the language courses, a student would enroll at the intermediate/exegesis level. Students who make a "B" or above in an intermediate/exegesis course will receive credit for the prerequisite course(s) at the BCP rate.

For more information contact the Baptist College Partnership Office at 1-800-nobts-01, ext. 8171 or send an email to