DeMent Society

The DeMent Society

One Final Gift for Jesus

The DeMent Society, named for our first president Dr. Byron Hoover DeMent, provides the opportunity for our friends and alumni to ensure the future of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary through estate gifts.

Dr. DeMent was a part of the first fundraising effort of the newly formed Baptist Bible Institute in 1917. DeMent, a native Tennessean, described himself as not primarily a financial agent, "but a Gospel preacher, Bible teacher and humble leader of the people to nobler things." As DeMent raised money, he simply told the story of the enterprise, lifted up its ideals, gave a vision of its needs and possibilities, and let the message work its way into the hearts of people. What truer story could be told today!

If you have included the Seminary in your estate plan, please let us know so we may add you to the list of the charter members of the DeMent Society. If you would like more information about the Seminary and the DeMent Society, please contact the Office for Institutional Advancement at (800) 662-8701 ext. 3252.