Tampa, Florida Extension Center

Tampa Center offers an accredited Associate Degree in Christian Ministry at First Baptist Brandon. 

Courses are in hybrid format with Monday classes conveniently meeting monthly from 6-10 pm.

Tampa Center
First Baptist Brandon
216 N. Parsons Ave.
Brandon, FL 33510

Dr. Robert Magruder, Director
Cell:   813-767-6510
Email: tampacenter@nobts.edu

Welcome to the Tampa web page.  For more information on the degree program, please call Dr. Magruder.

Returning Students Enroll Today for the Fall 2017/18 Semester and Pay Your Tuition by Friday, August 18th!



2016-2017 Key Academic Dates


Tampa Control Sheet-Revised


Fall 2017/18  Schedule



Spring 2017

BSCM3351--DelRio--Mondays 4x Hybrid

CMCM1310--Magruder--Mondays 4x Hybrid

LSCM3371--Rayburn--Mondays 4x Hybrid--revised

PMCM2300--Landress--Mondays 4x Hybrid

Fall 2016/17

CMCM1110--Dowdy--Mondays 4x Hybrid

CMCM3360--Dowdy--Mondays 4x Hybrid

BSCM2310--DelRio--Mondays 4x Hybrid

PMCM3330--Shenning--Mondays 4x Hybrid

THCM2375--Landress--Mondays 4x Hybrid

Spring 2016

BSCM2350--DelRio--Mondays 4x Hybrid

CECM1300-Magruder--Mondays 4x Hybrid

THCM2351--Landress--Mondays 4x Hybrid

PCCM2370--Dowdy--Mondays 4x Hybrid

Fall 2015/16

CMCM2380-Brookins--Mondays 4x Hybrid

BSCM1300--DelRio--Mondays 4x Hybrid

THCM2300--Landress--Mondays 4x Hybrid

THCM2350--Landress--Mondays 4x Hybrid

Spring 2015

PMCM2300--Wetzel--Mondays 4x Hybrid

CMCM1310 - Landress --Mondays 4x Hybrid

LSCM3371 --Dowdy --Mondays 4x Hybrid

BSCM4355--Wetzel--Mondays 4x Hybrid

Fall 2014/2015

CMCM1110 - Green - Mondays 4x Hybrid

PMCM3330 -Shenning -Mondays 4x Hybrid

THCM2375 - Wetzel - Mondays 4x Hybrid

Student Resources:

Student Information Contact Sheet

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2)     Funding Your Education:    The Financial Aid Office is equipped and ready to assist you in funding your education.  Contact them to set up a payment plan, inquire about what scholarships or loans you may qualify to receive, and for financial counseling.  

Click on their link: http://www.nobts.edu/financial-aid/default.html

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Turabian Tutor  Download the latest edition of the based on the 7th Edition of the Turabian style manual.  
Dr. Bob Welch's Turabian Survival Manual

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