West Alabama Extension Center

West Alabama Extension Center

c/o Forest Lake Baptist Church

107 18th St

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: 205.759.1569 or 205.522.5127

Email: TuscaloosaCenter@nobts.edu

Mr. Aaron Barnes

Tuscaloosa Baptist Association



NOBTS Academic Key Dates

Spring 2017
Jan. 20th                                   FINAL DAY of PAYMENT: Final day to register and pay tuition
Jan. 23rd                                         1st day of classes for Monday classes
Jan. 24th                                   1st day of classes for Tuesday classes
Jan. 26th                                   1st day of classes for Thursday classes
Feb. 3rd                                    Drop/Add Deadline
Feb. 15th                                  Graduation Application Deadline for Spring Graduation
Feb. 28th                                  Mardi Gras Break (seminary closed)
Mar. 13th – 17th                      Spring Break
Apr. 14th                                  Good Friday (offices closed)
May 4th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Thursday classes
May 8th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Monday classes
May 9th                                    Last day of classes/finals for Tuesday classes
May 12th                                  Leavell College Graduation
May 13th                                  Graduate Program Graduation


Spring 2017 schedule

Spring 2017 Alabama Graduate programs schedule

(Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

Spring 2017 Alabama Leavell College schedule

(Birmingham, Rainsville, and Tuscaloosa)

Fall 2017 Schedules

Fall 2017 Graduate Schedule for AL Extension centers 

Fall 2017 Leavell College Schedule for AL extension Centers

Course Syllabi

Spring 2017

AL Graduate Course Syllabi Spring 2017

Tuscaloosa Leavell College Course Syllabi Spring 2017

 Fall 2017

AL Graduate course syllabi Fall 2017

Tuscaloosa Leavell College Course Syllabi Fall 2017


AL Graduate cycle

AL Leavell College cycle

Other Alabama Extension Schedules

Birmingham Center

Birmingham Graduate Schedule Fall 2015

Birmingham Undergraduate Schedule Fall 2015

North Alabama Center - Huntsville

Huntsville Graduate Schedule Fall 2015

North East Alabama Center - Rainsville

Rainsville Graduate Schedule Fall 2015

Rainsville Undergraduate Schedule Fall 2015

CCentral Alabama Center - Montgomery

Montgomery Graduate Schedule Fall 2015

Financial Aid Information 



Textbook info 

Follow the link to the NGA Hub Virtual Bookstore to see the books you will need for your courses.  The NGA Hub Virtual Bookstore lists all the courses for the current or next semester.

Leavell College students may obtain an Associate in Christian Ministry degree or a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. Graduate students may earn the Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Christian Education degree.

To request a catalog and an application, please contact the Enlistment Office at enlistment@nobts.edu or
Click on the following link to request a catalog and an application online: 

Turabian Tutor 7th Edition. Click on this link to download the latest edition of the Turabian Tutor in pdf format. It is based on the 7th Edition of the Turabian style manual which contains several substantial changes from the 6th edition.

Technical Support
Need   technical  assistance? Contact the ITC today!
Selfserve@nobts.edu - Email for   technical  questions/support  requests with the  Selfserve.nobts.edu site (Access to online registration, financial account, online transcript, etc.)
BlackboardHelpDesk@nobts.edu   - Email for technical questions/supportt requests with the NOBTS Blackboard Learning Management System NOBTS.Blackboard.com .
ITCSupport@nobts.edu  - Email for general  technical questions/ssupport requests.
504.816.8180   - Call for any technical questions/supportt requests.
www.NOBTS.edu/itc/ - General NOBTS technical help information is provided on this website.


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