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I don’t typically rush to theaters to watch horror movies, but when I have gone to see the latest in scary cinema, I’ve found the times to be memorable. Once, in college, my buddy Kevin and I went with a group of friends to see the season’s latest frightening film. I... READ MORE

Why Reformation Day Matters

J.I. Packer once described Christianity as a “revealed religion.” (Knowing God) Despite the fact that the Greek word kanōn wasn’t used in a Christian sense until Athanasius in the fourth century, the concept of divine revelation is as old as Christianity itself. According to the early Christian apologists, it was even older. And this is precisely... READ MORE

A Lie from the Devil and You

Do you ever feel like you’re not really doing spiritual work--as though your work isn’t important to the kingdom because it doesn’t feel spiritual enough? Maybe you work in a “secular” job and look to people in ministry as the spiritual workers. Maybe you work in a “ministry” job and... READ MORE

Being a Neighbor

Editors note: We originally published this article in July after the Alton Sterling incident; however, with the development of more civil unrest, as well as shootings, and on the eve of a conference that we are hosting about racial reconciliation, it is reasonable to repost this relevant piece by Dr.... READ MORE