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Hospital Theology

The extent of God’s sovereignty seems like an inescapable topic in the church today. It’s also possibly the most flammable theological discussion in the church today – if one can indeed call it a “discussion.” It manifests itself in seminary classrooms and pulpits and small groups and Facebook threads in words like “Arminian,”... READ MORE

Racial Reconciliation and Representation: RR pt. 2

Racial Reconciliation and Representation Racial Reconciliation is impossible without racial representation. We can't have true unity within diverse settings without the representation of multiple cultures in leadership positions. Representation is the fruit of Racial Reconciliation. Embracing our cultural differences results in us having compassion for one another and serving together without... READ MORE

Fear Leads to the Darkside

I’m teaching a class this semester about counseling people through traumatic experiences. Early in the semester, students write a paper on what they would say to a counselee who asked, “Where was God when I was suffering?” The paper is almost a trick question. Even though we can outline answers to... READ MORE