Pray for Our Missionaries

Luke 10:2

Missions Commissioning Service—Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to pray for missionaries

Long Term Service

(1 year or longer)

International Mission Board Apprentice/Career, ISC, Masters, and JourneymanIMB

* A total of 14 personnel have been appointed to mission service since May 2017. Because of security reasons those names cannot be released. They are serving among the following peoples:

Northern African and Middle Eastern Peoples
European Peoples
Central Asian Peoples
South Asian Peoples
East Asian Peoples
Southeast Asian Peoples

Other NOBTS students are in the application process with the IMB. Please pray for them as they complete this process and seek God's will for their future missionary service.

North American Mission BoardNAMB

Jonathan Sayles - New Orleans, LA                                                                                

SEND New Orleans Church Planters and Interns

Hollie Hubbard - West Bank Baptist Church                                                                       

Coale Jordan - West Bank Baptist Church

Alecia Brown - West Bank Baptist Church                                                                                                              

Trenton Fleener - West Bank Baptist Church                                                                                                                                 

Lorien Fleener - West Bank Baptist Church

Summer Service

Camp Staff

Taylor Broadbent - MissionLab

Loren Aldridge - MissionLabMissionLab

Pete Harbin - MissionLab

Bob Jackson - MissionLab

Linda Jackson - MissionLab

Blanca Phillips - MissionLab

Emily Sloane - MissionLab

Matthew Poole - MissionLab

Andrew Ogea - MissionLab

Brett Allen - MissionLab

Matthew Weaver - MissionLab

Ryan Rice - MissionLab

Brandon Langley - MissionLab

Elizabeth Baker - NOBTS Summer Day Camp

Lauralee Price - FUGE Camps, TN

Abbie Blakeney - FUGE Camps, NM

Willie Curtis - Jonesboro

Short-term Service

(1 week - 2 months)

Cody Masters - GOLA VBS

Molly Poda - GOLA Apprentice

Megan Myer - Toronto

Dr. Bill Warren - Cuba and Mexico

Dr. Kathy Steele - Cuba

Dr. Ian Jones - Cuba

Dr. Allen Jackson - Canada

Judi Jackson - Canada

Lee Ann Wilson - Brazil

Jordan Wilkes - Poland

Steven Cheek - Brazil

Laura Nixon - Ethiopia

Sarah Nogueras - Brazil

Dexter Gaspard - Brazil

Joshua Johnson - Spain

Sash Cothron - Africa

Sara Luque - France and Spain

Jessica Skipper - Haiti

James French - Uganda

Troquell Jenkins - Brazil

Bart Comeaux - Brazil

Robby Ridgeway - Ukraine

Hollie Hubbard - Southeast Asia

Elizabeth McLellan - Lithuania

Meghan Myers - Ontario

Dr. Ken Taylor - Brazil

Mary Cooper - Brazil

Steven Lungrin - Brazil

Dr. Adam Hughes - India

Gray Clary - Mexico

Rachel Schwartz - Utah

Maggie Fredericks - South Dakota

Kimberly Talbot - Brazil

Rachel Pieri - Uganda

Josh Adams - Brazil

Victoria Dixon - Brazil

Chuck Lane - Brazil

Martis Jones - Brazil

James Jones - Brazil

Aaron Crowley - Brazil

Yongseung Noh - Brazil

Kristin Mengis - Brazil

Due to security reasons, various students and faculty cannot be listed, including those serving with Providence Cultural Institute this summer. For more information, please visit

SBC Crossover - Dallas

Dr. Preston Nix

Reid Daniel Adams

Grant Alexander

Taylor Anderson

Wesley Barker

Kristen Bonnette

Tina Boquet

Kevin Bruce

Sara Burchfield

Auriel Campbell

Chris Cole

Abigail Davis

Jennifer Diggs

Valerie Eidson

Beth Fair

Taylor Head

Abby Heflin

Davi Hung

Joseph Johnson

Josh Karl

Savannah Kirkpatrick

Leighton Lindo

Joseph McMasters

John Monroe

Clint Newsom

Trey Pearce

Nelson Perez

Michael Pogue

April Pogue

Gracie Robinson

Jonathan Sayles

Misti Short

Thomas Simmons

William Spivey

Brian Steward

Tina Tang

Austin Ussery

Mallory Wendling

Chase Whitney

Brad Winter                

Pray for those doing ministry with
Advance International

Advance International is a missions mobilizing ministry that provides accessible, accredited, theological education to international church leaders through a partnership with the Leavell College and the International Mission Board. We offer the Pastoral Ministries Certificate from NOBTS, comprised of eight classes, which provides a basic theological foundation.
The teachers are pastors, missionaries, and seminary professors from the United States and other countries who equip and encourage pastors and church workers through short-term teaching assignments.
There are schools in the Peru, Paraguay, Indonesia, and East Asia with potential new schools in various countries including India, Brazil, Honduras, and Kenya.

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