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Your World Is Our Classroom!

Whether you are using your smart phone's mobile hot spot, enjoying a coffee at an internet cafe somewhere overseas, or connecting to your wireless internet from the comfort of your own home--"Your world is our classroom!" Technology enables you to pursue your education from just about anywhere in the world. Why not take advantage of this technology and obtain the education you have always wanted?

Your computer is the door to our classroom. We offer you the best of both worlds. We would love to partner with you to accomplish your educational goals while you work in the field. A growing number of NOBTS students attend class daily from their points of ministry and missions around the globe.

Our goal and vision is to provide you with quality, accredited theological education through the Internet. We invite you to browse our undergraduate and graduate program offerings. Your educational journey is as close as your computer and the internet. Your world really is our classroom!

May God bless you as you begin your online seminary education.

Dr. Price

Dr. Craig Price

Associate Dean of Online Learning
Professor of New Testament and Greek
Director of Innovative Learning
Robert Hamblin Chair of NT Exposition

For more information contact: cprice@nobts.edu    
(504) 282-4455 ext. 8064