About the President's Wife

Born in Tuscaloosa, Ala., Dr. Rhonda Kelley grew up in New Orleans. She is the daughter of Joyce Compton Harrington, a retired New Orleans schoolteacher. Her father is Bob Harrington, known for many years as "the Chaplain of Bourbon Street." She has one sister, Mitzi Woodson, who lives in Stigler, OK. Mitzi has four sons (Charles, Dent, Aaron and Brent) and one granddaughter (Alice). Rhonda graduated from New Orleans' John F. Kennedy High School in 1970, where she was voted "Miss JFK" her senior year. She has been for many years a favorite speaker for classes, Bible studies, and women's retreats across the nation, as well as the writer of numerous articles for religious publications.

She was managing editor and contributor to The Woman's Study Bible, produced at the end of 1995 by Thomas Nelson Publishers of Nashville, Tenn. She is the former host of "A Word for Women," a weekly half-hour inspirational broadcast on the local FM Christian radio station and the local ACTS network, featuring interviews with various personalities on topics of interest to women. Since 1980 she has been a member of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. She is the author of several other books, Divine Discipline, Raising Moms, Don't Miss the Blessing (co-author), Spiritual Wellness, Personal Holiness, True Contentment, Servant Leadership, Personal Discipline, Joyful Living, Women's Evangelical Commentary: Old Testament (managing editor), Women's Evangelical Commentary: New Testament (managing editor), The Study Bible for Women (managing editor), Talking is a Gift; Rhonda has been a contributor to several other books and periodicals.

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