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Graduate Certificate in Women's Ministry


The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Women's Ministry is to provide specialized training in woman-to-woman ministry for female students who have completed a baccalaureate degree. Courses are offered in varied formats: academic workshops, online courses, semester classes, hybrid classes, and independent studies. The Graduate Certificate in Women's Ministry will consist of 15 academic hours.

Target Audience

The following women will be candidates for this graduate certificate:

  1. Current NOBTS women students who want to add a Graduate Women's Ministry Certificate to another degree they are pursuing at NOBTS.
  2. NOBTS Alumni who want to add a Graduate Women's Ministry Certificate to another earned degree.
  3. Women's Ministry leaders with an undergraduate degree who want a graduate level Women's Ministry Certificate.
  4. Prospective students outside of current student body who may cascade later into other degree programs.

Program Format

Courses are designed in a variety of formats, including semester-long, on-campus workshops, online, hybrid, and practicums. Workshop weeks are offered four times a year during the months of October, March, May, and July/August. Workshops are typically 2 1/2 days in length, except where noted differently. The one-hour online courses are generally eight weeks in length, and are offered at the start of the fall, spring, and summer semesters.The three-hour online courses extend through the whole semester. Students can enroll in independent study practicums at the start of each semester, and should complete them by the end of the semester. 

Curriculum Outline

Required Women's Ministry Core Courses (6 Hours)
Introduction to Women's Ministry OR 3 Hours

Women's Work in the Local Church*

      (+ any 1 hr WM elective listed below)

Advanced Women's Ministry OR 3 Hours
Clinical Field Project in Women's Ministry*
Women's Ministry Electives (9 Hours)
Missions for Women 1 Hour
Spiritual Gifts for Women 1 Hour
Public Speaking for Women 2 Hours
Leadership Training for Women 1 Hour
Planning Special Events for Women 1 Hour
Women's Ministry Programs 1 Hour
Support Groups for Women 1 Hour
Relationship Skills for Women 1 Hour
Lifestyle Witnessing for Women 1 Hour
Bible Study for Women 1 Hour
Women and Church Growth 1 Hour
Recreational Programs for Women 1 Hour
Girls' Enrichment Ministry 1-3 Hours
Women Mentoring Women 1 Hour
Expanding Your Women's Ministry Through Writing      1 Hour
Lay Counseling for Women 1 Hour
Women's Ministry to Mothers 1 Hour
Biblical Womanhood 1-3 Hours
A Survey of Feminist Theology 1-3 Hours
Multicultural Women's Ministry 1 Hour
Teaching Basic Baptist Beliefs 1 Hour

* Clinical Field Project in Women's Ministry and Women's Work in the Local Church 
may be taken as electives if not taken as required courses.

Total Required:  15 Hours