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Course Schedule

Women's Ministry Programs

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

Course Schedule 2017-2018


To apply: Please complete the Church Leadership Certificate Application HERE 

To register: Students can register through Self-Serve or by completing the Women's Ministry Certificate Registration Form HERE


Online: Fall 2017

Reg. Deadline: Aug. 18, 2017

Women and Church Growth

WMCM 1119

J. Jackson

Online: Fall 2017

Reg. Deadline: Aug. 18, 2017

Multicultural Women's Ministry

WMCM 1144

R. Kelley/S. Friend


Workshop: October 16-18, 2017


Bible Study for Women

WMCM 1125

C. Veasey/K. King

Workshop: October 18-20, 2017


Spiritual Gifts of Women

WMCM 1115

E. Dean



Online: Spring 2018

Reg. Deadline: Jan. 19, 2018

Missions for Women

WMCM 1133

R. Kelley/C. Gibson

Online: Spring 2018

Reg. Deadline: Jan. 19, 2018

Girls' Enrichment Ministry

WMCM 1143

R. Reinhardt

Workshop: March 19-23, 2018


Women's Work in the Local Church

WMCM 1215

R. Kelley/C. Adams

Workshop: May 28-30, 2018


Disciple Making for Women

WMCM 1129

E. Dean

Workshop: May 30- June 1, 2018


Biblical Womanhood

WMCM 1137 - Red Carpet Week

R. Kelley/C. Veasey


Online: Summer 2018

Reg. Deadline: June 1, 2018

Lifestyle Witnessing for Women

WMCM 1120

D. Sharkey

Workshop: July 30 - August 1, 2018


Women Mentoring Women

WMCM 1131

R. Kelley

Workshop: August 1-3, 2018


Expanding Your Women's Ministry

Through Writing

WMCM 1141

J. Jackson

*Women's Ministry Project WMCM 1216 (required for undergrad only)
Available each semester - Contact project supervisor Dr. Rhonda Kelley at rkelley@nobts.edu