Welcome to the Cecil B. Day Center for Church Planting

  • Welcome to the Cecil B. Day Center for Church Planting


Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.

- Peter Wagner


You may have heard someone say, “why do we need to plant more churches”? Here are four reasons we should engage in strategic church planting: 1. It is biblical, although church planting is never mentioned in the bible, evangelism and discipleship resulting in new works is the normative pattern of the New Testament. 2. It is needed, the current post-Christian context is experiencing a record number of churches closing their doors and significant population increases across the globe, we must plant churches to advance the gospel. 3. It is fruitful, in the New Testament we continually see the gospel bear fruit. Statistically, new churches reach and baptize more people than established works. 4. It is kingdom, Acts 13 is a beautiful story about a multiplying church with a vision to send out and give away. We need more churches to manifest God’s kingdom on earth as we expand His kingdom through church planting.

At New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, we believe there is no better place to learn and do missions than New Orleans. Students who attend New Orleans will be trained in a post- Christian and cross-cultural context while serving alongside some of the best church planting practitioners in North America. We believe students who are trained and equipped for church planting in New Orleans, can plant churches anywhere in the world.


    Our Vision

    • To teach biblical church planting, emphasizing evangelism and discipleship resulting in new works.
    • To provide excellent education and training in church planting competencies.
    • To discover church planters and church planting team members, who will be developed and deployed across the street and around the world.
    • To partner with associations and conventions as we move church planters and team members from education to the field.
    • To partner with supporting, sending, and multiplying churches by providing pipeline and residency training partnerships in local church contexts.


SBC Church Planting Partners


North American Mission Board and Send Network



Send New Orleans and New Orleans Baptist Association (NOBA)



Louisiana Baptist Convention


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