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Turabian Guides

NOBTS ID Card Request for GA/AL Students

  • Take the Student’s Picture
    • Take a close-up head shot of the student with a plain background, preferably white.
    • No hats or funny faces, please.
    • Save the picture as a jpeg, named this way:
      • Use the last name and ID number as the picture filename
      • Example: Smith993123456.jpg
    • If you are able to set your camera to take a smaller file-size picture, that is best. (For example, set the camera to take a 2-megapixel image, rather than a full-sized 10-megapixel image.)
    • If you are able, go ahead and crop the image to a 3x4 ratio (see the sample image). We can crop the picture here if you are not able to do so.

 Please send us a picture to the NGA office via email 

Also, please click here to complete the request form : NOBTS ID request form


Do I have to move to New Orleans to complete my degree?

NO! NOBTS education is closer than you think with extension centers in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Georgia! Click  HERE for more information on NOBTS extension centers. 

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How do I apply to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary if I want to attend an extension site?

Those wishing to attend an extension center of NOBTS must apply through the main campus in New Orleans and indicate which campus they wish to attend. All application and other necessary paperwork must be submitted to the main campus (mailing address is 3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126). The majority of the application can be completed online by visiting and in the top gray toolbar click Apply. A prospective student may contact their local extension center directly for more information on that center. Contact the North Georgia Hub at 770-321-1606 or email

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How long does the application process take?

Much of the application can be filled out in a short period of time. Parts of the application, however, require you to obtain information from other sources. For example, you will need reference letters from friends and church leaders. Transcripts will also be required. In other words, you need to allow plenty of time for other people to get their information to the main campus. We recommend starting a couple of months before you plan to attend classes, but the application can be completed in a short time if you chase down all the information.

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What testing is required for Leavell College undergraduate students?

Leavell College (undergraduate) students will have two types of tests through Blackboard (online): two English Tests (for placement) and one Leavell College Entrance Exam (not for placement). There is no fee for any of these exams. If new students fail the two English tests, they will be required to complete English Grammar( LCGE0310)course before taking English Composition.

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What testing is required for NOBTS graduate students?


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What if I have attended another college/seminary and want to transfer course credit? 

*NOBTS Graduate Students - You must request from each school you have attended an official transcript to be sent to the NOBTS Registrar’s Office on the Main Campus (3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126). You must also send $25 transcript evaluation fee to the Registrar Office with the  transcript evaluation form. The fee is $25, one-time fee regardless of how many schools you have attended.

*Leavell College Undergraduate Students - You must request from each school you have attended an official transcript to be sent to the Leavell College Office (3939 Gentilly Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126). You must also send $25 transcript evaluation fee to the Leavell College Office with the transcript evaluation form (contact Leavell College directly for the form). The fee is $25, one-time fee regardless of how many schools you have attended. 

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How do I know how to plan for future classes? 

All courses are provided through an on-going 3-year cycle for NOBTS graduate students and 4-year cycle for Leavell College (undergraduate students).

**COURSE-CYCLE ALERT: Students are responsible for following the course cycle rotation. At some time in the future, if a student is unable to take an offered class in the cycle, the student must look for an alternative delivery of the “skipped” course. An alternative delivery of the course may be an Internet course, a workshop or hybrid course or the student may wait until the full cycle has completed before the “skipped” course will re-appear in the schedule. Also, the course may appear on the New Orleans campus schedule for the student to obtain on-campus credit hour requirements. To view the NGA Graduate or Undergraduate Course Cycle visit the NGA Extension Center Webpage

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Where do I find administrative help and academic counseling?

On Mondays, NGA faculty and staff are available throughout the day. You also can reach the NGA faculty and staff by visiting the offices at the Cross Pointe Church /Groups Building 2nd floor, or calling 770-321-1606, or emailing. The email addresses can be accessed at the  North Georgia Extension Center web page

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What about getting textbooks for classes? 

Students are responsible for obtaining textbooks before classes begin. Go to the NGA Resources page and click on the icon of Textbooks to the NOBTS Textbooks . Select North Georgia Graduate textbooks or North Georgia Undergraduate textbooks. When you click on any textbook under any course, you will be linked immediately to where you can begin a cart for textbook purchases.

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Is class attendance required? 

YES!!  Attendance policies are in the catalog and usually appear on each class syllabus. Attendance policies are based on the type of delivery system (weekly, bi-weekly, hybrid, workshop, etc.) and the credit hour for the course (1, 2, or 3 hours). Students are expected to attend class unless prevented by illness or emergency. NOBTS does not have excused absences. Class periods missed because of late enrollment will be counted as absences. In addition, three occasions of arriving late or leaving early will count as one absence. After missing the maximum allowable hours, an automatic grade of “F” is assigned. No absences are allowed in academic workshops or one-week summer classes.

The maximum number of absences without failure for classroom courses is as follows:

Graduate Absence Policies –

  • 1-hour course – 3 classroom hours absent
  • 2-hour course – 6 classroom hours absent
  • 3-hour course – 9 classroom hours absent
  • 4-hour course – 12 classroom hours absent

Graduate Hybrid Policies –

  • Hybrids that meet 4x a semester – students can only miss one of the four class sessions
  • Hybrids that meet 6x a semester – students can only miss one of the six class sessions
  • Hybrids that meet 8x a semester – students can only miss two of the eight class sessions

Graduate students missing more than the maximum number of absences may refer to the Academic Grievance Procedures in the Graduate Catalog.

Undergraduate Absence Policies - 

  • 1-hour course – 3 classroom hours absent
  • 2-hour course – 6 classroom hours absent
  • 3-hour course – 9 classroom hours absent

Undergraduate Hybrid Policies -

  • Hybrids that meet 4x a semester – students are not allowed to miss any of the four sessions

Undergraduate students missing more than the maximum number of absences may only appeal to the Dean of Leavell College to have the grade of “F” changed.

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Are Independent Directed Study (IDS) courses available?

An IDS course is highly discouraged and rarely approved when a student has failed to follow the course offerings available through the variety of course delivery systems (hybrid, online, weekly, bi-weekly, workshop, New Orleans campus, special event, etc.). A student must be within one semester of degree completion to be a candidate for an IDS course. Submission of an IDS course request must occur approximately 8 weeks prior to the beginning of the desired semester and is initiated by the student to a specific professor who will create the course syllabus and supervise the course requirements.

*Policy for Independent Directed Study: A 3-year rotation of courses in all venues of presentation ( hybrid, semester-long, Saturday, workshop, and Internet) and in all categories of location ( New Orleans campus and extension centers) such that a student will have ample opportunity to have taken the "required" course in the time-frame of a 3-year period. Considerations for an IDS substitution for a “ required” course will in all likelihood not be approved. The Independent Directed Study course should only be used by a student who wants to delve into curriculum or study materials that are outside of the regular course offerings of the Seminary. These studies should be rigorous, complex, and exhaustive. The will require time on the part of the student and faculty member but are designed to enhance the curriculum of the student. They will include face-to-face dialogue with the professor.

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How do I register for classes?

Register online by logging on to Self-Serve (formerly IQWeb). Locate classes by the delivery system ( hybrid, traditional, online, workshop, Saturday, etc.). Each delivery system has a different tuition rate; therefore, registration must occur through separate registration windows. You may register online during orientation or register online at home using the instruction sheet. Failure to  register and pay by the Final Day for Tuition Payment incurs an additional $130 late registration fee to your student account.

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How do I pay for classes and when is the money due? 

To complete your registration, you must make arrangements to cover the entire tuition cost by the Final Day for Tuition Payment. You may pay by check, credit card or through Official Payments , the student loan provider for students’ monthly tuition payment plans. Your payment is due in the New Orleans Business Office by 4:00 pm (CST) by the Final Day for Tuition Payment. Failure to pay your full tuition or establish an Official Payments agreement, or other guarantee letter by the Final Day for Tuition Payment will result in a $130 late payment fee.

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What do I need to do if I decide to drop a class? 

Drop/Add period is only open without financial tuition penalty before the Drop/Add deadline for semester-long traditional and bi-weekly courses. The cost to drop/add a course during this period is $25 per drop and $25 per course addition.

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How do I withdraw from a course after the Drop/Add deadline?

After the Drop/Add Period, a student may withdraw from a regular semester or Internet class without complete withdrawal from school. In such cases, the student should request the class withdrawal by filling out the "Withdraw from a Course" request form in the "Student Request Forms" section of The student will receive a grade of "WP," "WF," or "F" for the class. Students should be aware that dropping classes below a full-time load changes their financial aid status and/or their housing status.

Spring and fall withdrawal begins after the two week drop period has ended. Students complete a withdrawal request through the Registrar’s Office to withdraw. The withdrawal fee is $50 per class with a $100 maximum. The student receives a WP unless otherwise instructed by the professor. There are no refunds for withdrawn courses after the drop period has ended.

Students may not withdraw from classes after December 1 or May 1

Dates for determining add, drop, and withdrawal are primarily determined based upon the time stamp on the completed Google form. In rare instances in which we have record of the request apart from the completed Google form and or authorization from appropriate academic officials we defer to that earlier date.

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If something happens that makes me have to withdraw from school, what do I do? 

You must contact the registration office to complete the paperwork. You will receive a prorated tuition refund (less the $100 withdrawal fee), a withdrawal must be completed by Dec 1 or May 1. In the case of emergency, an EW (Emergency Withdrawal) can be requested by contacting registrar's administrator at lc (graduate program),  (Leavell College).  

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What is the seminary policy on plagiarism?

1. Definition of Plagiarism: Students are given the task of writing papers in order to help them learn how to think critically about the ideas of others and to present the result of their analysis in a readable form. Plagiarism defeats these purposes by cheating the student out of an opportunity to grow. Plagiarism is, therefore, a failure to distinguish between the work of the student and the work of others, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Plagiarism may take place in several forms:

A. Taking one or more sentences verbatim from a source and inserting it into a paper without the proper citation is plagiarism. The student should note that a failure to document credit for a direct quotation is also a violation of copyright law. (See Student Handbook section on Electronic Reserves.)

B. Representing the words or ideas of another person as your own words or ideas is plagiarism, even if you summarize. However, loosely paraphrasing a sentence without proper citation also is plagiarism.

C. Borrowing without proper citation such things as an outline, an idea, or an approach to dealing with a problem that is unique to an author is plagiarism. This type of plagiarism often results from poor note taking on the part of the student.

D. Plagiarism also can result from improper methods of citation. The student is responsible for learning the appropriate rules for citing sources and for following those rules throughout the paper. Ignorance of rules of citation is not an excuse.

E. In addition, plagiarism is a violation of the use of the seminary’s computing resources. (See Student Handbook section on Computer Use Policy Violations.) For other definitions of plagiarism and ways to avoid it, see Robert A. Harris, The Plagiarism Handbook: Strategies for Preventing, Detecting, and Dealing with Plagiarism (Los Angeles, CA: Pyrczak Publishing, 2001.)

2. Consequences for Violations of Plagiarism: When a professor discovers a student has committed plagiarism, the professor should report this violation to the Dean of Students. In making this report, the original copy of the paper in question is supplied to the Dean of Students for the purpose of documentation. A letter of warning will be issued from the Dean of Students Office to the student notifying him/her of the violation. This letter will serve as the official notice of the violation, and a copy will be placed into the student’s permanent file along with the copy of the student’s paper(s). Copies of the letter will be forwarded to the appropriate Academic Dean, the Registrar, the Professor, and the Provost. This letter will state clearly that if the student plagiarizes a second time, the offense will be reported to the President. At the discretion of the President, the second offense of plagiarism may result in the student’s dismissal from the seminary.

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What are the final exam policies for NOBTS and Leavell College?

NOBTS and Leavell College policy is that students may not take their final exam before the scheduled day and time.

*NOBTS Graduate Students - You may request a late final exam by petitioning the Graduate Dean of NOBTS via a written request.

 *Leavell College Students - You may request a late final exam by petitioning the Dean of Leavell College via a written request.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Keep a copy of everything you turn in, mail or e-mail to NOBTS faculty and staff – assignments, papers, administrative documents, request forms, etc. If something gets lost in the mail or cyberspace, you can send the appropriate faculty or staff another copy.

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Where is the NGA Library?

The NGA Library is located at Cross Pointe Church / Groups Building (2nd floor) 1800 Satellite Blvd. NW, Duluth, GA 30097. The library entrance is at the back of the building. The library hours adjust each semester to accommodate when the majority of students are on campus, usually Monday through Thursday. The library hours appear in the NGA Gatekeeper and on the building window by the entrance. Currently, wireless internet is NOT available in the NGA library, but computer stations with the internet are available as well as a copy machine for xeroxing. The xerox fee is 10 cent per copy.

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Is wireless internet available at Cross Pointe Church?

Yes! While you are at C.P. wireless internet is available.

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Is lunch available at Cross Pointe Church?

Lunch is NOT available in the Cross Pointe Church.  

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What do I need to do as an NOBTS student while at Cross Pointe Church? 

We ask your help with several things:

(1) You are required to wear your student ID while in the building. Please adhere to this JFBC security measure.

(2) You are required to park in the upper parking lot of the CP church. Please do not park in front of the building or in the lots closer to the building. The church needs these lots open for visitors or prospective students.

(3) We ask that you dress appropriately and act appropriately at all times. The C.P. has been so gracious to provide us classroom space. Please help us in presenting our best to the church by not loitering in the vaulted lobby area and assisting them by depositing your trash in trash cans.

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What is the contact information for the NGA Administrative Offices?

NOBTS North GA Extension Center
1800 Satellite Blvd. NW.
Duluth, GA 30097
770.321.1606 (phone)

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 How do I apply for scholarships?

The Financial Aid Office in New Orleans makes an online grant application available September 1 - 30 and April 1 - 30 for students to apply for scholarships visit the NOBTS Financial Aid page to apply. Each student is responsible for completing the online application during September to be considered for spring semester scholarships and during April to be considered for fall semester scholarships. Typically, the Financial Aid staff will mail a letter or send an e-mail indicating if you have received funds. The funds are credited to the student account in the Business Office. No funds are issued directly to the student, but to the student’s NOBTS account.

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What constitutes full-time status for NOBTS scholarships?

* New Orleans Campus Students - Full-time for main campus students is 12 hours for undergraduates, 9 hours for Masters level, and doctoral students must be actively enrolled. Full-time status for Financial Aid purposes includes only on-campus, hybrid, Saturday classes, Internet courses, and Intensive courses. Independent studies DO NOT count toward full-time.

* Extension Center Students 

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What if I drop a course and I have received a scholarship?

If you apply and receive an NOBTS scholarship and then fail to uphold the full-time student status during the semester of the scholarship award, the scholarship monies will be removed from your NOBTS account plus you may incur potential penalties and fees for withdrawing from classes.

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What if I am out of a semester and I have received a student loan from a loan agency (Loan Deferment)?

If you are out of a semester and have received a student loan from any loan agency, please contact Mr. Casey Evans, the dean of the Registrar at   He is required to certify the enrollment for students who need deferments every odd month. If a student is not enrolled in any semester then he must report to the loan company. He certifies in March, May, July, September, and November.

What is the Gatekeeper?  

The NOBTS Gatekeeper is an electronic weekly publication including system-wide seminary information as well as specific information relating to the New Orleans campus. The NGA Announcement is an emailed on Mondays during the semester including some system-wide seminary information, but mostly information pertaining to North Georgia Hub students. Visit the NGA Extension Center page the view the NGA Announcements. 

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How do I keep up with current information? 

First, keep up with system-wide seminary information by accessing the NOBTS Gatekeeper online on a weekly basis. Second, the NGA Announcement (Gatekeeper) is emailed on Mondays with the information you need to know. Please make sure you read it! Access the NGA Announcement online via the NGA Extension Center website (scroll down to the “NGA Announcement” section).  Third, we have an announcement board on the second-floor hallway of Cross Pointe Church/ Groups Building and a bulletin board in the NGA library. Fourth, we occasionally send out e-mail blasts to all students so make sure you keep your Self-Serve e-mail account information current. Update your Self-Serve information each semester when you register for classes!

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How do I get involved in the life of the seminary? 

Developing relationships is an important part of seminary life. NOBTS encourages students attend chapels on Tuesdays and Thursdays via a live streaming video:

Also, Students have the opportunity to atten Lunch-Connection on Mondays which will feature additional ministry events, prayer times, and visiting SBC entity leaders from GA Baptist Convention, IMB, NAMB, etc. Also, students are encouraged to exchange e-mail addresses and phone numbers as well as connect with each other outside of class. Building meaningful relationships with other persons in ministry will make your seminary journey a treasured experience. Also, these relationships are helpful as you make plans to travel to the New Orleans campus for hybrid courses, workshops, and special event courses.

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What is Campus Nexus Student system?

Each student must have an NOBTS Student account with the seminary for which the student completes online applications, registers for classes, makes payment to the Business Office, views an unofficial transcript, updates contact information, etc. 

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What is Blackboard?

Each student must have an NOBTS Blackboard account with the seminary which professors use for teaching their courses. When you register for a hybrid or an Internet course, the Blackboard Help Desk will enroll you for the courses and you cannot access to the Blackboard course until the semester begins. When you register for a traditional classroom course or a workshop, the Blackboard course most likely is available for you to enroll before the semester begins. You may complete a Blackboard search using the course ID # followed by the professor’s initials, example: THEO5300PK (THEO5300 Systematic Theology 1, Dr. Peter Kendrick). 

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What is May Intensive course?

May Intensive week in New Orleans which includes special emphasis given to hosting extension center students. Some special events include, but are not limited to, chapel led by the President, Campus Life activities, a couple of FREE meals (New Orleans style), possible city tour, and other family activities.  We encourage each of our extension center students to attend at least one May Intensive week during their seminary training so that they have an opportunity to build relationships with main campus professors, gain a broader understanding of the seminary, engage in campus life, and experience some of the New Orleans cuisine and culture. Usually, May Intensive week occurs the third week of May following the completion of May graduation exercises.  

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What are the expectations for taking an Intensive Class?

Intensive Course Registration deadlines is the same as the regular class registration deadline. After May graduation Intensive course deadlines are listed on the graduate and undergraduate Intensive course schedules (click the appropriate link to view the schedule). Each student registered for an intensive course is responsible for visiting the intensive class schedule to download the course syllabus to complete course pre-assignments and purchase textbooks prior to arrival for an intensive course.

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What do I do about accommodations for New Orleans Intensive Course?

Each student is responsible for making travel, housing, and meal arrangements for a New Orleans campus Intensive courses. Reasonable housing options such as dormitories, Mission Lab housing, and hotel-style rooms exist on the main campus and each student may contact Providence House to make room reservations. Check to make sure the cafeteria is open the week of your intensive course.


Phone: (local) 504-944-4455 or (toll-free) 1-888-886-7276. 

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What do I do about accommodations for North Georgia Intensive courses?

Each student is responsible for making travel, housing, and meal arrangements for a North Georgia campus Intensive Courses. Hotel options exist within a 10-mile radius of Cross Pointe Church: 1800 Satellite Blvd. Duluth, GA 30097.

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Where do I go to find . . .

NGA Resources -  Use this link for directions to NGA, information on textbooks for classes, accommodation information or access and download the Turabian Tutor 8th edition.

North Georgia Extension Center  - Use this link to find NGA faculty and staff contact information, view important upcoming dates, access the NGA Announcement, view NGA Graduate and Leavell College Course Schedules, NGA course cycles and more.

Library Resources -  Use this link to access the online catalog for the Main Campus/Extension Center Libraries and to search EBSCOhost or other electronic databases.

Self-Serve - Use this link to the registrar for classes, view student financial information, and view posted grades and/or unofficial transcript.

Blackboard - Use this link to access the online component of hybrid or traditional classes.

Registrar’s Office Forms - Use this link for transcript request forms, various student request forms, class drop/add forms, enrollment verification forms, graduation application and Registrar's Office contact information. 

Student Handbook Use this link to access the NOBTS Student Handbook for information on a variety of NOBTS policies.

Online Application



Leavell College

Undergraduate Certificate

Graduate Program

Online Program


Former students are welcome to re-apply to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • All returning students who have been out for a semester more than a year, must fill out all traditional application for the readmission.
  • Contact Leavell College Admission office at
  • Graduate program readmission office at



Admission Procedures for a Prospective Student

Apply to NOBTS today!

Step 1: Apply Online Application & Confirm

Step 2: Accept

Step 3: Register Courses through the Self Serve Account 

Step 4: Attend


Step 1: Apply Now!

The following documents are required in order to be eligible for admission to NOBTS students:

1. Complete Online Application

2. High school transcript or college/University transcript should be submitted (For international students: Graduate Certificate should be submitted).

3. WES  or SpanTran evaluate record for your high school or college transcript (For international students)

    Please click here to visit WES:

     WES Procedures

   Please click here to visit SpanTran:

4. 4 References (Pastor reference, Church Leader reference, and two friends references)

5. Church Statement

6. Official transcripts from high school or college

7. I-20 documents (For International students)

   Affidavit of Financial Support

   A Copy of Passport with picture on it

   A copy of I-94

   A copy of 1-20 (If you have i-20 from a former institution).

   Bank statement ($29,000 for entire family and $21,000 for single).

8. A TOEFL score is required for admission (For international students).

9. Background Check via online

10. Supplemental Items Video

Step 2: Accept (upon receipt of Acceptance letter )

   Open Self Serve Account (Student account in NOBTS): Go to --Click "Self Serve" - Request Account

   (If you have a problem in requesting an account, please email to )

Step 3: Register for Courses

       Schedules and Cycles

       Register through Self Serve 


Orientation takes place in two parts:  Online Orientation  and  Campus Orientation .

**F1 Student Life Cycle Diagram


Online Orientation


After receiving your acceptance letter from NOBTS, you will receive an email from Student Life with essential information about orientation. Afterward, you'll get an email from our Blackboard Office giving you your Blackboard username and password. Use that login information to log into, and you will find that you are already enrolled in ORIE1000: Online Orientation. You'll find instructions for completing Online Orientation on the welcome page for ORIE1000: Online Orientation.

All new and most returning students are required to complete Online Orientation. We have tried to put only the most crucial information for success at NOBTS in Online Orientation!


Campus Orientation


If you selected our main campus or an extension center as your preferred campus on your application, we also provide you with a campus orientation at your selected site.  Extension center students should contact their  Extension Center Director  for information about when and where campus orientation will take place.

During orientation, you will get a chance to meet other students and professors, hear more about your specific degree program, learn about the city of New Orleans, and be encouraged in your pursuit of God's call on your life.




You may register for your classes via  Self Serve once you have completed Online Orientation and an appointment with an advisor. If you need help, the  Registration Procedures tutorial has answers.




Email us at or give us a call at 504.816.8427.


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