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Termite Swarm Season Information 

Facilities has issued the following information to help you through termite swarm season.

  1. The swarmers are called alates. They are reproductives looking for a place to start a new colony. They present no health risk to humans or pets. They do not bite.
  2. They normally swarm about dusk. Their season usually lasts from early May through June. Each colony swarms once per year, however multiple colonies can exist in close proximity to your dwelling and may all swarm on different nights.
  3. They are attracted to light. With this in mind, keep as many lights as possible off to prevent them from being drawn to your windows or doors and finding their way in.
  4. If you notice them coming in around a window or door you can place a damp, rolled up towel at that location to act as a barrier.
  5. They do not normally swarm inside a building. If they do, the numbers are into the thousands of insects. However, they are very adept at finding their way in and having as many as a hundred or so get in is not abnormal. You can vacuum them up or spray them with any residential bug spray if you wish. They are very fragile and even hair spray will kill them.
  6. They die within hours if they get inside. To reproduce, they need a moist place with another mate and a wood supply. All three of these are not readily available in our homes so they die quickly.

If you have further questions, please call the Facilities Office at 504.282.4455,  ext. 3230.

Special Library Hours this week

The library icontinues special hours this week. The extended times are:

Monday, May 14 - Wednesday, May 16 - Close at Midnight
Please check your respective catalog for the Spring Semester Finals Schedule.  

Cooperative Program course to be offered this summer

The course "Introduction to NOBTS, the SBC, and the Cooperative Program" will be offered this summer, concluding July 20. Orientation for the free, required class will be held during Red Carpet Week and conducted by Dr. Lloyd Harsch, professor for the course. Due to the cancellation of the January orientation because of a temporary water issue in the city, students who have not completed the course are invited to attend orientation during Red Carpet Week. To register, stop by the Registrar's Office in HSC.

Accordance Bible Software Discount for NOBTS family

In an offer that is not available to many institutions of higher learning, the Accordance Bible Software is available to NOBTS students at a 50% discount off the list prices on many available packages. For example, the Greek and Hebrew Learner bundle, valued at $459 and listed at $199, is available to NOBTS students at $99.50. Click here to see a brochure.  See the brochure for ordering information. 

This popular software provides a wealth of tools every student can use to understand, study, and proclaim the Bible whether based on the Greek and Hebrew or an English translation. The software also includes church history information, commentaries, maps, and photos of biblical settings. Several collection bundles are available. Accordance is well-known for its ease-of-use, powerful search capabilities, and exceptional speed on all platforms. 

Renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Dan Wallace said this:  " ... Accordance is the first place I go whenever I want to search just about anything in the original languages. It's far and away the best original language tool out there." 

Contact Dr. Bill Warren at for more information. 

Registration for Summer classes: June 1

The registration deadline for summer internet classes is June 1, 2018. Summer term and internet classes begin June 4, 2018. 

JESUS WEEK at NOBTS, May 21-25

An intense focus on the teachings of Jesus highlights course offerings May 21-25. The following courses will be offered: The Parables of Jesus (NTEN5323) with Dr. Bill Warren, Mon-Wed., May 21-23. (The hours are Monday 1-6 p.m., Tue. 9-5 p.m., Wed. 9 to noon); The Sermon on the Mount (NTEN5322) with Dr. Jimmy Dukes, Wed.-Fri., May 23-25, (Wed. 1-4 p.m., Thur. 9-5 p.m., Fri. 9-noon).

Join the NOBTS Amazon Team, Oct. 16-24

Consider praying about joining a NOBTS team traveling to the Amazon in Brazil for evangelism in villages and towns along the river. The trip is October 16-24. We will be partnering with an organization called Amazon Hope which owns a boat that will be our mode of transportation along the river and where we will sleep and eat. Translators will be provided. Contact Dr. Ken Taylor at to apply or for more information.

Course Schedule for Master Level Courses, 2018-19

Next semester's academic course schedule for master level classes is available at Information on course offerings, time slots, instructors and delivery systems are posted. 

Clinical Pastoral Education Opportunity, East Jeff Hospital 

East Jefferson General Hospital is now accepting applications for their ACPE-CPE Program. Chaplain residents earn CPE credit while working as fulltime (40 hrs/wk) hospital chaplains with on-call responsibilities. Each resident receives a $29,000 annual stipend w/ benefits.

CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) is a training program necessary for anyone aspiring to be a professional chaplain, or for anyone who feels called into the ministry of chaplaincy and wants to learn more about being an effective chaplain. Requirements for entry into the program include a high school education, a college degree, and seminary education from an institution accredited by CHEA. One unit of ACPE CPE is preferred. Ministry experience that demonstrates an ability to minister during crises and in a constantly changing environment is strongly preferred. Additionally, a face-to-face interview at the applicant’s expense is part of the application process.

For more information call 504-454-4840, contact Ms. Gwen Hammond ( Staff Assistant, Pastoral Care Dept, EJGH, or go to

SAVE THE DATE:  2018 Christian Counseling Conference, Friday, Nov. 2.

"The Caregiver Confronting Abuse" is the theme for the Nov. 2 Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Conference. Sessions include Ethical Issues in Counseling: Christian Counseling in a Secular World; Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse; Frameworks and Tools for Treating Survivors of Abuse; Forgiving the Unforgivable, and others. Watch for upcoming details. 



NOBTS Women! 

Red Carpet Week Study Opportunities 

Looking to grab an extra credit or two before heading into your summer break? Consider taking one or two of the following courses during Red Carpet Week. Registration available through the first class meeting. Contact Dr. Emily Dean at for more information.

For Ministry Wives Certificate:

May 28-30: Spiritual Gifts of the Minister’s Wife (Dr. Rhonda Kelley)

May 30-June 1: Lay Counseling for the Minister’s Wife (Dr. Brooke Osborn)

For Undergrad and Grad Students (Certificate or degree):

May 28-30: Disciple Making for Women (Dr. Emily Dean)

May 30-June 1: Biblical Womanhood (Dr. Rhonda Kelley)

Have you found us online?

We’ve got a Facebook group called NOBTS Student Wives Fellowship as well as NOBTS QUEST. Join soon to keep up with what’s going on! Event updates are posted periodically to help get the word out! 


Pastoral Care Ministry Opportunity

An excellent pastoral care opportunity is available for volunteer chaplains at University Medical Center. Volunteers are needed for nights and weekends to respond to families requesting a chaplain's service. Volunteers will be included on a list of chaplains "to call" and must be willing to care for families from any faith or denomination. Chaplain Philip Peavey will provide informal training. May be considered for pastoral care course requirement fulfillment.  

To learn more contact Chaplain Peavey at 504.702.3077 or call his cell (text first) at 504.401.7425. PLEASE text his cell first before calling and give your identity. Contact Peavey at or


Emergency Text Messaging Service

Sign up for the NOBTS Emergency Text Messaging Service today. Click HERE. Choose one or all of the groups to receive texts related to emergency situations that affect our NOBTS campuses and families. Main New Orleans Campus, New Orleans Campus Residents, Louisiana & Mississippi Extension Centers; Florida Extension Centers; and Georgia & Alabama Extension

John T. Christian Library Information

Borrowing from other Academic Libraries - Did you know that NOBTS graduate students can borrow items from other graduate academic libraries in the New Orleans area? Come by the circulation desk in the John T. Christian Library and register for a LaLinc card today.

Library Hours:

Monday – Thursday:    7:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday:    7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday:    10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Sunday:    Closed

Tuesday and Thursday:    Closed during Chapel


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SWAP Shop Hours

The SWAP Shop (Surplus With A Purpose) provides an economical means by which the seminary community may exchange or secure quality clothing or small household items for personal use. Contributions of new and gently-used clothes, furniture, books, household goods, gifts and toys are welcome. The SWAP Shop is a volunteer organization open five days a week, with hours based on the availability of volunteers.

The SWAP Shop is open Monday, 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.; Tuesday, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.; Wednesday, (varies) usually 3:30 - 5 p.m.; Thursday, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.; Friday, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.,  FREE BREAD AVAILABLE ON THURSDAYS, and Saturday varies according to availability of volunteers.

Join the NOBTS Swap Shop Facebook page at SWAP shop. Times are listed and closures will be announced there. The Swap Shop is always looking for volunteers to open and help clean. For more information, call Rhonda Smith at 504.481.3656.