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Crescent City Praise to feature all-woman choir, Jubalheirs

Jubalheirs, an all-female chorus representing the Georgia Baptist Convention, joins the NOBTS family and Greater New Orleans music community for Crescent City Praise, Thursday, March 9, 7 p.m. Dr. Jon Duncan, Georgia Baptist Worship Specialist, will direct the choir and orchestra in the worship event. Featured will be NOBTS and community singers and musicians. The event, held at Leavell Chapel, is free and open to the public....

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Historic Pastors' Conference line-up meets to unify sermons; 12 pastors of small- and medium-size churches will preach through Philippians

FORT WORTH—This year’s Southern Baptist Convention Pastors’ Conference has already promised several historic firsts, including the first time all preachers will be from small- and medium-sized churches and the first...

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Tornado destroys Suburban Baptist Church in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – The harrowing sound of a freight train sent pastor Jeffery Friend and wife Stephanie running for cover Feb. 7 when an EF3 tornado touched down in New...

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No Restraints Conference, April 21-22, to offer course credit, free tuition

Course credit and free tuition is available to all NOBTS students for the special event class Bivocational Ministry, April 21-22, in conjunction with the upcoming No Restraints Conference, with featured...

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– Events & NOBTS Life –

Announcements - February 20, 2017

Here are our upcoming events and announcements. Bookmark this page, and check back weekly. Event updates will be posted here. Senior Fest Volunteers Needed Volunteers are needed to help with Senior Fest,...

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– Geaux Therefore –

Racial Reconciliation and Representation: RR pt. 2

Racial Reconciliation and Representation Racial Reconciliation is impossible without racial representation. We can't have true unity within diverse settings without the representation of multiple cultures in leadership positions. Representation is the fruit of Racial Reconciliation. Embracing our cultural differences results in us having compassion for one another and serving together without hesitation. We would worry less about people conforming to our culture and more about them conforming into the image of Christ. Representation matters. Tokens Are Not Representatives A token is an individual who only shares physical characteristics...

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What Racial Reconciliation is NOT: Racial Reconciliation pt. 1

            Racial Reconciliation is not what you think. It has become a popular term in evangelical circles. It seems like all the cool Christians are...

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Fear Leads to the Darkside

I’m teaching a class this semester about counseling people through traumatic experiences. Early in the semester, students write a paper on what they would say to a counselee who asked,...

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Six Ways to Never Fall in Love with New Orleans

1)    Never venture into the city. If you can manage to stay in your house or apartment for the entirety of your stay, then you’ll find you never loved the city...

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– NOBTS Women –

A Modern Lady's Manners

In the previous post, I introduced the idea of what it means to be a modern lady in...

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The Making of a Modern Lady

In recent weeks the behavior of women in our country has been a point of controversy in...

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UPCOMING EVENTS - February 20, 2017

Heartbeat Movie Night Tonight! Tonight, Monday, February 20th, Heartbeat women (women staffers and wives of staff) are gathering for Movie Night! Meet in the HSC parking lot at 5:30pm to grab...

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Ministry Moments with NOBTS Women

I love the beginning of a new semester. January always brings with it the opportunity to start...

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