A community of mentors.

Leavell College provides for the educational needs of those called into ministry as both traditional and non-traditional students. Our programs range from the baccalaureate level to non-credit certificates.

Undergraduate Degrees & Certificates
All Leavell College degree programs provide both a comprehensive foundation of required studies and a variety of electives to accommodate the particular interests and vocational needs of students as they prepare for their individual calling in Christian service.
  • B.A. in Christian Ministry
  • B.A. in Music with an Emphasis in Worship
  • Christian Ministry
  • Christian Ministry (Language Track)
  • Church Music
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Christian Ministry (English Language Track)
  • Christian Ministry (Language Track)
  • Messianic Studies (Online Only)
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Tuition and Fees
  • Biblical Ministry
  • Biblical Teaching
  • Biblical Theology
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Advanced Children’s Ministry
  • Christian Education
  • Church Ministry
  • Church Planting
  • Ministry Wife
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Pastoral Ministry in African-American Church Studies
  • Haitian Advanced Pastoral Ministry
  • Preschool & Children’s Ministry
  • Advanced Preschool & Children’s Ministry
  • Foundations for Mission Service
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Advanced Women’s Ministry
  • Worship Ministry
A Word from Our Dean
Our goals at Leavell College are two-fold: to equip our students for ministry and to prepare them for further study at the graduate level. Involved in this preparation is a continued emphasis upon one's personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ministry cannot be effective unless our lives are firmly established upon Christ. Our world needs men and women who have a heart for God. Know that we as a faculty are praying for you and your ministry. Please stop by and let us know how we can better serve you.
~ Thomas Strong
Dr. Thomas Strong

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