Extension Centers


Making Theological Education Accessible for All

Since 1982 New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has been engaged in extension center work at the master's degree level. While seminary education is prerequisite to ordination for many denominations, Southern Baptist churches do not require it. Consequently, more than half of the pastors of Southern Baptist churches are not seminary trained. Many of these pastors are married with families and they cannot uproot their families to move to the campus in New Orleans. The traditional approach to theological education alone is no longer sufficient for an institution of our type. The faculty, administration, and trustees feel it is our mission to provide as much help for these untrained pastors and other ministers as we possibly can, as near as possible to the scene of their church ministries.

The mission of the Seminary is “to equip leaders to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandments through the local church and its ministries.” The Seminary is engaged in theological education through extension centers as a means of fulfilling its mission in the areas remote from the home campus.

The Extension Center System is a vital part of the educational program of the Seminary. Nineteen centers are maintained throughout the southeastern United States. Click here to see the catalog. Click here to apply online. Please contact the Enlistment Office if you have any questions enlistment@nobts.edu


Graduate and undergraduate schedules will appear on each individual center's page as they are made available. A description of the center also appears there with contact numbers. To see the schedules and descriptions for each center, click on the appropriate extension center link to the left of this page. For further information, call the local center director or one of the regional deans. 

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