Student Achievement

Student Achievement

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment and Accreditation oversees NOBTS’ institutional research and effectiveness programs. Educational effectiveness reflects the strength and integrity of educational programs. Academic programs and administrative units establish learning outcomes / objectives, identify appropriate measures, and set achievement targets. Student and unit performance are assessed annually and the findings are used to improve programs and service offerings. NOBTS also evaluates its institution-wide performance through ongoing strategic planning processes led by the Administrative Council.

 NOBTS monitors four categories as key markers for student achievement:

  • Time-to-Completion
  • Placement
  • Licensure for Counseling Students
  • Student Debt

Follow this link to read the full Statement on Student Achievement.

Enrollment Numbers

Total student enrollment has exceeded 3,000 students since 2000-2001 school year, making NOBTS among the largest seminaries in the world. The student body comes from 39 states and 39 different nations of the world. The three home states represented by the most students are Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida. For more information about how to enroll in the Seminary, contact the Student Enlistment Office.

Total Enrollment

Enrollment by Program

Student Retention

In keeping with federal requirements, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary regularly evaluates and assesses student success within our various programs.  This success is measured in a variety of ways including evaluation of student retention rates, evaluation of student graduation rates, and examination of job placement results.  The following link provides data from recent evaluations of some of these measures.

Retention Report

Associate & Bachelor Degree Retention Report 2007-2017 *updated as of 6.5.2017

Master Degree Retention Report 2007-2017 *updated as of 6.5.2017

Doctoral Degree Retention Report 2007-2017 *updated as of 6.5.2017

Placement Reports

2013-2014 Report

2012-2013 Report