Due to water issues, the NOBTS main campus will remain closed Fri., Jan. 19. Offices will reopen and classes will begin Mon., Jan. 22. Registration will be extended through Tues., Jan. 23. New students will be contacted regarding orientation.

Student Achievement

Evidence of Student Success in Graduation Rate, Employment, and Credentialing

The mission of NOBTS is to “equip students to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandments through the local church and its ministries.” Since our institutional mission is to equip trained leaders, student success is of great importance to NOBTS. We desire our graduates to exemplify the wisdom, knowledge, and skills to be effective in ministry. In addition to grades, NOBTS utilizes three means to gauge student success: student graduation and persistence rates, employment rates, and licensure rates. For a more complete rationale for the thresholds for performance designated by NOBTS and how these targets relate to our mission, see Rationale for Student Success. The following charts indicate how NOBTS students have performed in the student graduation and persistence, employment, and licensure testing:

Two of the 20 associate students graduated with their Associates degree, continued their education, and graduated with another degree.

Six of the 111 bachelor students graduated with their Bachelor’s degree and are continuing their education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Five of the 48 master’s students graduated with their Master of Arts and are continuing their education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Two of those five students have completed any additional degree at NOBTS.

Seven of the 241 MDiv students graduated with their MDiv and are continuing their education at NOBTS.