The Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching

"I’m a nobody telling everybody about Somebody who can save anybody."

~ Adrian Rogers

Empowering the Pulpit

Engaging the Culture Preaching Conference | January 29-31, 2018

$9 for students | $29 for non-students (early bird)
Cost includes five meals.

Join the Adrian Rogers Center for this opportunity for growth in the art and craft of expository preaching.
The conference features Dr. Jim Shaddix, Dr. Robert Smith Jr., and sermons by Dr. Adrian Rogers.
Hosted by Dr. Adam Hughes, Director of the Rogers Center.

Expository preaching is “giving the Bible a voice,” according to V. L. Stanfield. Adrian Rogers, a man with an exceptional God-given-voice, desired to engage in such a task. Today a void of the Bible’s voice exists. More than ever, the need for sound expository preaching is crucial. Therefore, in light of Rogers’s pulpit ministry and legacy, The Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching exists.

Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching desires to prepare the rising generation of men answering the call of God for excellence in expository preaching.

The legacy of Dr. Adrian Rogers preaching and ministry will extend to both current and future generations, thereby inspiring expositional proclamation in and for the local church.

The Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching provides training to equip NOBTS Students specializing in Expository Preaching and Pastoral Ministry. The center also equips SBC pastors with resources to benefit their pulpit ministry.

Resources equip and enable all who desire to faithfully engage in expositional preaching. Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching believes these resources will provide students, lay leaders, and pastors alike an ample amount of material. Check back often as resources continue to become available.

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Events provide an opportunity for growth in the art and craft of expository preaching—they are sure to challenge, hone, and encourage all who attend. Events will be posted as soon as they are scheduled, so be sure to check back regularly.

  • Rogers Center Official Launch - Sep 12, 2017 (details coming soon)
  • Preaching Conference - Jan 2018 (details coming soon)

Master of Divinity Specialization in Expository Preaching: 87 hours

  • Biblical Exposition: 23 hours
  • Christian Theological Heritage: 16 hours
  • Disciple Making: 9 hours
  • Interpersonal Skills: 4 hours
  • Servant Leadership: 10 hours
  • Spiritual and Character Formation: 5 hours
  • Worship Leadership: 8 hours
  • Specialization Courses: 6 hours
  • Elective Courses: 6 hours

Doctor of Ministry Specialization in Expository Preaching: 30 hours

  • Workshops: 6 hours
  • Seminars: 18 hours
  • Project in Ministry: 6 hours

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Exposition: 64 hours

  • Residency/ ThM Candidacy: 33 hours
  • Senior Residency: 23 hours
  • Candidacy: 8 hours
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