Accelerated Programs

The Accelerated Programs offer students the opportunity to earn their BA and MDiv degrees faster while saving money in the process. We recognize the urgent need for faithful servants of God to be equipped and ready to make an impact on our world. The Accelerated Programs allow students flexibility in choosing their area of study, and students are well-equipped in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Two Paths to Success

  • Accelerated Masters

    Students who have graduated from Baptist colleges and universities (or other schools of similar theological background) may qualify to receive up to 27 hours toward an MDiv, or up to 9 hours toward an MA or MTS, through the Accelerated Program.

  • Accelerated BA+MDiv

    In as little as five years, Leavell College students will earn their bachelor's and master's degrees. This direct path to the place of their calling is not a short-cut but an intensified time of preparation to get them on the field faster, saving both time and money. Scholarships are available to students ages 18-21.