Student Achievement

Evidence of Student Success in Graduation Rate, Persistence Rate, Employment, and Credentialing
2018-19 Academic Year

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The mission of NOBTS and Leavell College is to “prepare servants to walk with Christ, proclaim His truth, and fulfill His mission.” Since our institutional mission is to prepare skilled ministry leaders, student success is of great importance to NOBTS. We desire our graduates to exemplify the wisdom, knowledge, and skills to be effective in ministry. In addition to grades, NOBTS utilizes three means to gauge student success: student graduation and persistence rates, employment rates, and licensure rates. For a more complete rationale for the thresholds for performance designated by NOBTS and how these targets relate to our mission, see Rationale for Student Success. The following charts indicate how NOBTS students have performed in the student graduation and persistence rates, employment, and licensure testing.

Graduation Rates in Comparable Theological Schools*

* Taken from the ATS Graduating student Questionnaire (GSQ) for 2018-19.

Results in Student Achievement in Graduation Rates and Retention/Persistence Rates

* This chart is figured at 150 percent of the time required for a full-time student in order to be inclusive of part-time students.

Results of Student Success in Employment in Ministry at Graduation*

*Taken from the annual NOBTS graduation survey.

Results of Student Success in Employment in Ministry among Recent Graduate Program Alumni*

*Results from an NOBTS alumni survey for ATS.

Employment of Ph.D. Graduates from 2005-2019*

*This chart represents a longitudinal study of Ph.D. program graduates over 13 years from 2005-2019.

Results of Student Success in Counseling Licensure Exams (2017-2020)

* The CPCE is the Counseling Preparation Comprehensive Examination, which is designed to assist students in preparing for Counseling licensure.

* The NCE is the National Counselor’s Examination, which is required nationwide for Licensed Professional Counselor licensure.

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