Welcome to NOBTS and Leavell College Chapel

Our desire in the chapel ministry is to address our core value of spiritual vitality at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We strive to provide our campus family and visitors with a time of spiritual encouragement and challenge to grow our love of Christ — the foundation of all that we do.

You are invited to join us for chapel services, which are held Tuesdays and Thursdays during the semester at 11:00am. If you are unable to attend in person, you may join us online using one of the links below.

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Spring 2022

  • Dr. Jamie Dew 01/18/2022

    President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Clint Pressley 01/20/2022

    Senior Pastor at Hickory Grove Baptist Church - Charlotte, NC

  • Dr. Thomas Strong 01/25/2022

    Dean of Leavell College

  • Conversation with Barbara and Harold O'Chester 01/27/2022

  • Dr. Adam Greenway 02/01/2022

    President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Dr. Ed Litton 02/03/2022

    President of the Southern Baptist Convention

  • Dr. Matt Henslee 02/08/2022

    President of the 2022 Pastors' Conference of the SBC

  • Time of Worship, Scripture reading, and prayer 02/10/2022

    Led by Dr. Thomas Strong

  • Dr. Paul Chitwood 02/15/2022

    President of the International Mission Board

  • Old Testament Panel Discussion 02/17/2022

    Dr. Archie England, Dr. Cory Barnes, and Dr. Ethan Jones

  • Jason Thomas 02/22/2022

    African American Church Mobilization Strategist for the International Mission Board

  • Chip Luter 02/24/2022

    Senior Associate Pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church - New Orleans

  • No Chapel - Mardi Gras 03/01/2022

  • Dennis Mitchell 03/03/2022

    Executive Director of the National African American Fellowship

  • Dr. Steve Lemke 03/08/2022

    Provost Emeritus; VP of Institutional Assessment at NOBTS/Leavell College

  • Eddie Wren 03/10/2022

    Pastor at FBC Rayville

  • Dr. Thomas Strong 03/22/2022

    Dean of Leavell College

  • Dr. Mark Tolbert 03/24/2022

    Director of the Caskey Center for Church Excellence

  • Zane Pratt 03/29/2022

    VP of Global Training - IMB

  • Prayer for the Nations 03/31/2022

    Led by Dr. Greg Mathias and Dr. Greg Wilton

  • Dr. Jim Shaddix 04/05/2022

    Professor of Preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Dr. Jim Shaddix 04/07/2022

    Professor of Preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Marvin Daniels 04/12/2022

    NOBTS Trustee

  • Jay Adkins 04/14/2022

    Pastor at FBC Westwego

  • Erik Reed 04/19/2022

    Pastor of the Journey Church - Lebanon, TN

  • Dean Inserra 04/21/2022

    Pastor of City Church - Tallahassee, FL

  • Dr. Adam Hughes 04/26/2022

    Assistant Professor of Expository Preaching, Director of the Adrian Rogers Center for Expository Preaching at NOBTS

  • Missions Sending Service 04/28/2022

    Led by Dr. Greg Mathias and Dr. George Ross

  • Celebration of Excellence 05/03/2022

    Dr. Jamie Dew


Imagine Christ-centered preachers like Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, John Knox, John Broadus, John Wesley, George Whitefield, John Calvin, and Martin Luther gathered around a small room with seminary students discussing Christian ministry. Hear these "dead preachers" dialogue about the anointing of the Holy Spirit through the prayer life of the preacher. Listen to them discuss the primacy of the Word and the supremacy of God's glory. Study their zeal for taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unbelieving world.

Imagine a society of contemporary preachers who have laid their lives at the foot of the cross and risen with a passion to carry the mantle of biblical preaching passed down to them by great men of the past. We have imagined it, and we long for it to be a reality.