What about the Baptist College Partnership Program?

"Can I still earn credit through the BCPP?"

The Baptist College Partnership Program is no longer available for new enrollees; however, current BCPP students may continue to take any remaining BCPP tests through the Fall semester 2019. BCPP tests will be closed after December 13, 2019, so all testing must be completed by that date. In addition, the BCPP will continue to offer seminars through 2019 as well as a final New Testament seminar in January 2020. The conclusion of the 2020 New Testament seminar will mark the closure of the BCPP program.

Current BCPP students pursuing an MDiv are encouraged to contact the office to learn more about how the Accelerated MDiv might provide them greater benefit than the BCPP. Students seeking an MA are also encouraged to contact the office to learn how the Accelerated MDiv program might help them earn an MDiv for just a few credit hours more than an MA. However, the Accelerated MDiv program is only applicable to the MDiv; current BCPP students who wish to complete their MA may not receive credit through the Accelerated program and are encouraged to take advantage of whatever BCPP options are available to them prior to the closure of the program.

Schedule for Remaining Seminars:

  • New Testament Seminar - Jan 14-18, 2019
  • History of Christianity Seminar - May 27-31, 2019
  • Developmental Studies Seminar (in C.E./Psych & Coun) - June 10-14, 2019
  • Preaching Seminar - July 15-19, 2019
  • Old Testament Seminar - July 22-26, 2019
  • New Testament Seminar - Jan 13-17, 2020

Registration is handled through the Accelerated MDiv (formerly BCPP) Office; students may not register themselves online via SelfServe. Students will need to obtain a Seminar Registration Form from the Accelerated MDiv office, fill it out, and return it. Registration opens two months prior to the start date of the seminar, and closes one month prior. Sometimes early registration is allowed. Late registration is NOT allowed (because there is pre-work for each seminar). The cost for a seminar is $106.25 per credit hour.

Schedule for Testing:

All testing courses are available on Blackboard where one can access the study guides and any information regarding the test. When the student feels as though he/she has adequately prepared and is ready to take the test, that student must contact the BCPP office for the code to access the test. All tests are to be taken from memory; you are NOT allowed to use your books/notes during the tests. To arrange a test or for more information, students should contact the Director of the Accelerated MDiv program at acceleratedmdiv@nobts.edu or 1-800-nobts-01, ext. 8171. The cost for a test is $70 per credit hour.

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