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Campus Directory

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Name Phone/Fax Email Title Office/Location
Accelerated BA + MDiv 504.816.8073 HSC 217b
Accelerated MDiv 504.816.8171
Aldridge, Loren 504.816.8568
504.816.8066, Conference Coordinator & Campus Calendar Providence Learning Center
Allen, Brett 504.816.8008
Fax: 504.816.8031 Director Business Office
Alumni Relations Office 504.282.4455 x3331
Fax: 504.816.8456 HSC 101
Anderson, Taylor 504.282.4455 x3254
Fax: 504.816.8019 Institutional Advancement Development Recorder Institutional Advancement Development Recorder
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Office 504.282.4455 x8422
Fax: 504.816.8023 Dodd 101
Audirsch, Jeff 504.282.4455 x3744
Fax: 504.816.8591 Faculty Leavell College
Barber, Ben 504.816.8060 Administrative Assistant MissionLab
Barksdale, Micah 504.282.4455 x3341 Technology and Communications Recruiter Admissions
Strickland, Kelli 504.816.8578
504.816.8457 Director Housing Office
Beard, Matt 504.816.8527 Recruiting Coordinator Admissions
Behel, Krislyn 504.816.8007 Accounts Payable Business Office
Bene, Pat 504.816.8000 Office Manager WBSN LifeSongs
Benoy, Eric 504.282.4455 x3336 Director of Martin Music Library, Ref. & Coll. Dev. Librarian Library
Bible Museum 504.816.8555 HSC
Blackboard Help Desk 504.282.4455 x8180
Fax: 504.816.8187 ITC Blackboard Assistant
Boucher, Joshua 504.282.4455 x8107 Administrative Assistant Center for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation
Bozeman, Dr. Jeanine C. 504.282.4455 x3207
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty Dodd 107
Brooks, Dr. Page 504.282.4455 x8011
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 108
Brown, Jonathan 504.282.4455 x8014 Providence Guest House
Brown, Kevin 504.816.8305
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty LMCCC 106
Business Office 504.282.4455 x3210
Fax: 504.816.8031 HSC
Butler, Rex 504.282.4455 x3214 Faculty Dodd 105
Café New Orleans 504.816.8579
Fax: 504.816.8062 HSC
Cafeteria/River City Café 504.816.8025 Cafeteria
Cambra, Janet 407.290.1579 Administrative Assistant Orlando Hub
Camp, Tyler 504.816.8425 x8425
Fax: 504.816.8591 Leavell College Faculty Assistant Leavell College
Campbell, Betty Lynn 504.282.4455 x8432 Director of Development Services Institutional Advancement
Campbell, Eddie D. 504.282.4455 x3329 Faculty HSC 208C
Campus Police 504.944.7711 x3345
Fax: 504.816.8062 HSC
Campus Police Guard House 504.944.7711 Guard House
Carver, Kristyn 504.282.4455 x3743
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty LMCCC, 104 D
Carver, Libby 504.816.8182 WBSN LifeSongs
Caskey Center for Church Excellence 504.282.4455 x8227 HSC 215
Castle, Lee 662.893.8781 Director Olive Branch MS Extension Center
Center for Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 504.282.4455 x8107 HSC 217
Center for New Testament Textual Studies 504.282.4455 x8190
Fax: 504.816.8009 HSC
Choi, Bong Soo 678.533.7466 Professor, Director of KTI North Georgia Hub
Church-Minister Relations Office 504.282.4455 x3291
Fax: 504.816.8456 HSC 101
CIV 504.282.4455 x8431
Fax: 504.816.8151 HSC 290
Clinic 504.816.8596
Fax: 504.816.8452 HSC
Cole, R. Dennis 504.282.4455 x3248
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 201
Cole, Pam 504.282.4455 x8010 Doctoral Form and Style Consultant Research Doctoral Programs
Collins, Gary 504.816.8596
Fax: 504.816.8452 Office Manager Clinic, HSC
Collins, Toni 504.816.8089
Fax: 504.816.8090 Division Assist/Office Manager Division of Church & Community Ministries
Cook, Jeff 337.288.4740 Southwest Louisiana Extension
Cooper, Shelly 504.282.4455 x3280 Payroll Specialist Business Office
Corvin, Mr. Clay 504.282.4455 x3210
Fax: 504.816.8031 Faculty Business Office
Counseling Center 504.816.8004
Fax: 504.816.8090 LMCCC/LifeSongs Bldg
Craig, Grayson (Mrs) 504.282.4455 x3222 Academic Advisor Student Success
Culbertson, Chad 504.282.4455 x8599 Telephone Services ITC
Daure, Vanee 504.282.4455 x8572 Director Media Center/TV Studio, HSC
Davis, Cliff 904.265.7286
Fax: 850.474.9650 Director Jacksonville Extension Center
Davis, Magen 504.816.3277
Fax: 504.816.8031 Assistant Director Business Office
Davis, Suzanne 504.282.4455 x3216 Provost Assistant Provost Office, Frost
Day, Matt 318.629.4119 North Louisiana Extension
Day Center for Church Planting 229.416.6976 Dodd 204
Dean, Emily 504.816.8053 Coordinator of Women's Programs Dean of Students, HSC
Dean, Jody 504.282.4455 x3301 Faculty, Senior Regional Associate Dean Extension Centers
Dean of Graduate Studies Office 504.282.4455 x3327
Fax: 504.816.8023 Frost
Dean of Leavell College 504.282.4455 x8590 504.816.8591 HSC 208
Dean of Students Office 504.282.4455 x3283
Fax: 504.816.8437 HSC 105
Dean of the Chapel Office 504.282.4455 x8121
Fax: 504.816.8131 Chapel Office
Dew, Jamie 504.282.4455 x3265 President President's Office
Dickson, Brett 504.282.4455 x8064 Administrative Assistant Online Learning
Division of Biblical Studies 504.282.4455 x8102 Dodd 201
Division of Church and Community Ministries 504.816.8089
Fax: 504.816.8090 Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center (LifeSongs Bldg)
Division of Discipleship and Ministry Leadership 504.282.4455 x8105
Fax: 504.816.8039 Professional Doctoral Office
Division of Church Music Ministries 504.282.4455 x3226, 8013
Fax: 504.816.8033 Sellers
Division of Pastoral Ministries 504.282.4455 x8820
Fax: 504.816.8039 Leavell Center
Division of Theological & Historical Studies 504.282.4455 x8113 Division Office T&H
Dixon, Victoria 504.282.4455 x3278
Fax: 504.816.8453 Academic Progress Counselor Registrar
Doctor of Education Program 504.282.4455 x8105
Fax: 504.816.8039 Sanders 103
Doughty, Gretchen 504.816.3726 Administrative Assistant for Recruiting and Faculty Support Professional Doctoral Office
Doughty, Tommy 504.816.8005
Fax: 504.816.8031 Student Account Manager Business Office, HSC
Duke, Joseph 504.282.4455 x8067
Fax: 504.816.8591 Assistant Registrar for Undergraduate Leavell College
Duke, Madelynn 504.282.4455 x3728 Admin Asst/Program Coordination Professional Doctoral Office
Dukes, Jimmy W. 504.458.9158 Faculty
Duncan, Maci 504.282.4455 x8105
Fax: 504.816.8039 Assistant Doctor of Education
Early Learning Center 504.816.8585
Fax: 504.816.8485 Early Learning Center
Edens, Michael 504.282.4455 x3751 Distinguished Professor of Theology and Missions Theological and Historical Studies
Efferson, Jim 225.261.8271 Baton Rouge Extension
Ellias, Marissa 504.282.4455 x3145 Administrative Assistant NOBTS Apologetics
England, Archie W. 504.816.8102
Fax: 504.816.8009 Faculty HSC 210
Englebright, Quinton 504.282.4455 x3323
Fax: 504.816.8591 Faculty Assistant Leavell College
Englebright, Rebecca 504.282.4455 x3301 Assistant LA/MS Extension Centers
Evans, Casey 504.282.4455 x3363 Assistant Registrar Registrar
Evans, Holly 504.282.4455 x3366 Leavell College Admissions Counselor Admissions
Facilities: Grounds, Janitorial, Maintenance 504.282.4455 x3230
Fax: 504.816.8582 Operations Building
Farmer, Jeff 504.282.4455 x8227
Fax: 504.816.8591 Faculty Leavell College
Financial Aid Office 504.282.4455 x3348
Fax: 504.816.8437 HSC
Fish, Gardner 504.282.4455 x3291
Fax: 504.816.8090 CMR Office Assistant Church-Minister Relations
Fleener, Lorien 504.282.4455 x8347
Fax: 504.816.8090 Contract Faculty Counseling
Fleener, Trenton 504.282.4455 x3297 Graduate Admissions Counselor Admissions
Fontenot, Joe 504.816.8003 Marketing Strategist & Copywriting Office of Communications
Frink, Abigail 504.282.4455 x3326
504.816.8452 Transcription Officer Registrar
Frink, Micah 504.816.8003 Social Media Coordinator Office of Communications
Garrett, Craig 504.282.4455 x3283 Assoc. VP for Student Affairs, Dean of Students Dean of Students, HSC
Garrett, Phyllis 504.282.4455 x3746 Professional Doctoral Office
George, Jay 318.914.0518 Director Monroe LA Extension Center
Global Mission Center 504.282.4455 x8124
Fax: 504.816.8039 Dodd 102
Gonzalez, Eric 504.282.4455 x8194 Blackboard Administrator ITC
Gregg, Wanda 504.816.8424
Fax: 504.816.8019 Director of Donor Relations Institutional Advancement
Greene, Brittony 504.282.4455 x3303 Campus Host Admissions
Greene, Noah 504.282.4455 x3283 Assistant to the Dean of Students Dean of Students
Gregoire, Paul 504.282.4455 x3312 Registrar Registrar's Office
Griffin, Jeff 504.282.4455 x3288
Fax: 504.816.8429 Faculty Library
Grubbs, Norris C. 504.282.4455 x3216
Fax: 504.816.8428 Provost Frost
Assistant Registrar Assistant Registrar Registrar's Office
Hagans, Josh 504.282.4455 x3337 Academic Advisor Student Success
Hagelman, Mark 504.816.8002
Fax: 504.816.8019 Director of Development Institutional Advancement
Hall, Kevin C. 850.228.3595 Director Tallahassee Extension Center
Hall, Robert B. 205.834.4223 Faculty Birmingham Extension
Harbin, Pete 504.816.8481 Director MissionLab
Harbison, Richard 504.282.4455 x3316
Fax: 504.816.8019 Gift Processing Institutional Advancement
Harlan, Benjie 504.282.4455 x3284
Fax: 504.816.3229 Faculty Sellers 226C
Harsch, Lloyd A. 504.282.4455 x3212
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 202
Harwood, Adam 504.816.8074 Faculty Dodd 213
Headrick, Julie 504.816.8175 Station Manager WBSN LifeSongs
Higgins, Lacey 504.282.4455 x8422 Administrative Assistant Associate Dean of Graduate Studies
Hinton, Conner 504.282.4455 x8072 Director of Student Services Student Services
Hinton, Madison 504.816.8095 Assistant to the Vice President of Enrollment HSC 224
Hogeland, Michael "Hoagie" 504.282.4455 x8431 CIV Office Assistant CIV, HSC
Holder, Lindsay 504.282.4455 x3279
Fax: 504.816.8019 Data Entry Institutional Advancement
Home School Coordinator 504.282.5421
Housing Office 504.282.4455 x8595
Fax: 504.816.8457 HSC
Hughes, Adam 504.282.4455 x8443 Dean of Chapel, Faculty Dean of Chapel
Hughese, Vance 504.816.8167 WBSN LifeSongs
Human Resources 504.816.8045 Business Office
Information and Technology Center (ITC) 504.816.8180
Fax: 504.816.8187 HSC 290
Institute of Christian Apologetics 504.282.4455 x3145
Institutional Advancement 504.282.4455 x3252
Fax: 504.816.8019 Frost 101
Institutional Effectiveness 504.282.4455 x8049
Fax: 504.816.8438 HSC 268
Jackson, Bob 504.236.1934 x8068
Fax: 504.816.8799 Director Senior/Adult Missionlab Providence Guest House
Jackson, Allen 504.816.8103 Faculty
Jackson, Judi 770.321.1606 NGA Student Services Director North Georgia Center
Jackson, Linda 504.282.4455 x8178 Providence Guest House
Johnson, Cortney 504.282.4455 x3348
Fax: 504.816.8437 Administrative Assistant Financial Aid
Jones, Ian 504.282.4455 x3716
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty LMCCC - 101
Kendrick, Peter 770.321.1606
Fax: 770.321.5363 North Georgia Hub Director, Faculty North Georgia Center
King, Anna 504.816.8124 Administrative and Research Assistant, Global Missions Center Dodd
Kirkpatrick, Savannah 504.816.8010
Fax: 504.816.8039 Administrative Assistant Research Doctoral Programs
Knight, Teman 334.279.9976 Central Alabama Extension
Kwak, Joyce 470.655.0993 KDMin Administrative Assistant North Georgia Center
Leavell Center for Evangelism & Church Health 504.282.4455 x8820
Fax: 504.816.8035 Leavell Center
Leavell College 504.282.4455 x8590, 3366
Fax: 504.816.8591 HSC
Leavell College Certificate Programs 504.282.4455 x3323
Fax: 504.816.8591 HSC
Lee, Ae Rhan 770.321.1606
Fax: 770.321.5363 Administrative Assistant North Georgia Center
Lee, Jong Gil 470.655.0846 KDMin Director, Faculty Doctor of Ministry Korean Program
Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center 504.816.8004
Fax: 504.816.8090 Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center (LifeSongs Bldg)
Lema, David 305.888.9777
Fax: 305.888.9783 Faculty South Regional Coordinator for Florida
Lema, Christy 504.816.8427 Student Life Assistant Student Life
Lemke, Carol 504.282.4455 x3256 Assistant Church Ministry
Lemke, Steve W. 504.282.4455 x8150 Provost Emeritus; Vice President for Institutional Assessment HSC 270
Library, John T. Christian 504.816.8018
Fax: 504.816.8429 Library
Library, Martin Music 504.816.3289
Fax: 504.816.8429 Library
LifeSongs (WBSN) 504.816.8000
Fax: 504.816.8580 WBSN Lifesongs
Lindo Jr, Ron 504.282.4455 x3255 Manager Post Office
Littlefield, Robert 850.499.9403 Theology Adjunct Professor
Lowe, John 850.476.1932
Fax: 850.474.9650 Director Pensacola Extension Center
Lyon, Larry W. 504.282.4455 x8095 Vice President of Enrollment Enrollment
Magruder, Robert 813.655.7431 Director Tampa Extension Center
Marsh, Erin 504.282.4455 x8020
Fax: 504.816.8429 Archivist Library
Marshall, Matt 770.321.1606
Fax: 770.321.5363 North Georgia Center
McClellan, Don 504.282.4455 x3230
Fax: 504.282.4455 x8582 Facilities
McClellan, Michelle 504.282.455 x3288
Fax: 504.816.8429 Assistant to the Dean of the Libraries Library
McGehee, Karla L. 504.282.4455 x8052
Fax: 504.282.8591 Faculty Leavell College
McMillen, Jennifer 504.282.4455 x8820 Administrative Assistant Leavell Center
McMillen, Jessica 504.282.4455 x3267 DMA Director Music
Media Center/TV Studio 504.282.4455 x8572 HSC
Millwood, Josh 504.816.8172 WBSN LifeSongs
MissionLab 877.879.6522 x8060
Fax: 504.816.8573 Lifesongs Building
Mitchell, Ron 662.587.1770 Director North Mississippi Extension
Montero-Phillips, Blanca 504.816.8059 x8441 Director of Providence Learning Center Lifesongs Building
Moore, Cody 504.816.8003 Visual Media Specialist Office of Communications
Morrow, Kendall 504.282.4455 x3755 Administrative Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Frost 102
Mosley, Harold R. 504.282.4455 x3251 Distinguished Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew Dodd 209
Myers, Gary 504.816.8156
Fax: 504.816.8451 Director Office of Communications
Nave, Jeff 504.282.4455 x8004
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty LMCCC - 107
Nix, Preston 504.282.4455 x8820
Fax: 504.816.8035 Faculty Leavell Center
North Georgia Center 770.321.1606 (or x3365)
Fax: 770.321.5363
North Georgia Center
Odom, David 504.282.4455 x8103 Faculty HSC
Ogea, Reggie R. 504.282.4455 x3726
Fax: 504.816.8456 Faculty Professional Doctoral Office
Online Learning Office 504.282.4455 x8064
Fax: 504.816.8077 HSC 290D
Orlando Hub 407.290.1579 Orlando Hub
Osborn, Brooke 504.816.8591 x3325 Faculty
Pace, John 601.559.9352 Director Jackson MS Extension Center
Park, Haesung 470.655.6716 KTI Administrative Assistant North Georgia Center
Parker, Dan 770.982.3161
Fax: 770.321.5363 Faculty North Georgia Hub
Pate, Ron 205.516.4535 Director, Faculty Birmingham Extension Center
Patterson, Jonathan 504.282.4455 x8171
Fax: 504.816.8009 Director Accelerated MDiv
Pattillo, Mike 770.321.1606 North Georgia Hub
Peavey, Donna B. 504.282.4455 x3741
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 109
Phelps, Dennis 504.282.4455 x3331
Fax: 504.816.8456 Faculty HSC 101
Phelps, Robbin 504.282.4455 x3265 Executive Assistant President's Office, Frost
Phillips, Corey 504.816.8593 Chief of Police Campus Police
Phillips, Rebekah 504.282.4455 x3215 Circulation Librarian John T. Christian Library
Phillips, Shann 504.282.8590 Administrative Assistant to Dean of Leavell College Leavell College
Pieri, Rachel 504.816.8102 Biblical Studies Division Secretary HSC 210
Pinckard, Philip A. 504.282.4455 x3224
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 102
Pollock, Tom 727.866.7362 South Georgia Extension
Pong, Connie 504.282.4455 x8454 Cataloger Library
Post Office 504.282.4455 x3255
Fax: 504.816.8031 Post Office, HSC
Pratt, Eric 601.925.3235 Clinton MS Extension
PREP Office Coordinator 504.282.4455 x8091 Hinton, Madison HSC 224
President’s Office 504.282.4455 x3265
Fax: 504.816.8023 Frost 201
Professional Doctoral Programs/CME/Sanders Center 504.282.4455 x3726
Fax: 504.816.8170 Professional Doctoral Office
Providence Guest House 504.816.8178
Fax: 504.816.8799 Providence Guest House
Providence Learning Center 504.282.4455 x8060
Fax: 504.816.8573 Lifesongs Building
Provost’s Office 504.282.4455 x3216
Fax: 504.816.8428 Frost 202
Office of Communications 504.816.8003
Fax: 504.816.8451 HSC
Purchasing 504.282.4455 x8030
Fax: 504.816.8036 Business Office, HSC
Putman, Rhyne 504.282.4455 x3247 Faculty Dodd 106
Ray, Angela 504.282.4455 x8049 Institutional Effectiveness, HSC
Ray, Charlie Jr. 504.282.4455 x3315 Faculty Dodd 210
Ray, Charles III 504.816.8073 Faculty HSC 217B
Recreation Center (Gymnasium) 504.816.8594
REC Director: 504.816.8586 Recreation Center (Gymnasium) Gym
Reed, Michael 504.282.4455 x3333
Fax: 504.816.8324 Director of Admissions Admissions
Reeves, Eric 504.282.4455 x3343 Coordinator of Student Success Student Success
Registrar’s Office 504.282.4455 x3304
Fax: 504.816.8453 HSC
Research Doctoral Programs Office - Ph.D. 504.282.4455 x8010
Fax: 504.816.8039 Dodd 207
Rice, Bo 504.282.4455 x3327 Dean of Graduate Studies, Frost 102
Riley, Jeffrey 504.282.4455 x8017
Fax: 504.816.8039 Professor of Ethics; Associate Dean of Research Doctoral Programs Theology &amp History Department
Rivers, Loretta G. 504.282.4455 x3211
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty Dodd 107
Robinette, Alana 504.282.4455 x8227 Caskey Center Administrative Assistant HSC 215
Ross, George 504.343.1697 Faculty Day Center for Church Planting
Roudkovski, Jake 504.282.4455 x3726
Fax: 504.816.8170 Faculty Professional Doctoral Office
Roudkovski, Karen 504.816.3729
Fax: 504.816.8090 Associate Clinical Director Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center
Ruppel, Alissa 504.816.8045
Fax: 504.816.8031 Human Resources Specialist Business Office
Rutland, Micah 504.282.4455 x8431 CIV Technical Support CIV, HSC
Sawyer, Justin 504.816.8586 Campus Recreation Director The REC
Sexton, James 706.371.5944 Extension Center Director Whitworth Women's Facility
Shaffer, Chris 504.816.8149 Assistant to the President Frost
Sharp, Michael D. 504.816.8022 Faculty Sellers Music Building
Shin, Helen 770.321.1606
Fax: 770.321.5363 North Georgia Center
Shiira, Andrew 504.282.4455 x3232 Leavell College Recruiter Admissions
Shoener, Pattie 504.282.4455 x8028 Vice President, Human Resources Business Office, HSC
South Florida Center 305.888.9777
Summer Day Camp 504.816.8144 Director Early Learning Center
Smith, Rhonda 504.282.4455 x3312 Registrar's Office
Social Work Office 504.282.4455 x8106
Fax: 504.816.8090 Dodd 107
Spanish Programs Office 504.282.4455 x8190
Fax: 504.816.8009 HSC 256
St. Amant, Kyara 504.282.4455 x3227 Library
Steele, Edward L. 504.282.4455 x3745
Fax: 504.816.8033 Faculty Sellers 220A and HSC 210F
Steele, Kathy 504.282.4455 x8306
Fax: 504.816.8090 Faculty LMCCC 104-E
Rhodes, Benjamin 504.816.8166
Fax: 504.816.8187 Director of CTL ITC
Stevens, Gerald L. 504.282.4455 x3734
Fax: 504.816.8009 Faculty HSC 262
Stewart, Hal 504.282.4455 x8073 Faculty HSC 217
Stewart, Robert B. 504.282.4455 x3245
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 112
Stewart, Marilyn 504.282.4455 x3290 Assistant Director-News Office of Communications
Stone, Randy 504.282.4455 x3726
Fax: 504.816.8170 Faculty Professional Doctoral Office
Stringer, Paula A. 504.282.4455 x8115
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty
Strong, L. Thomas III 504.282.4455 x8590
Fax: 504.816.8591 Dean, Leavell College Leavell College
Strube, Nick 504.816.3270 A/R Bookkeepr Business Office
Taylor, Ken 504.282.4455 x8015
Fax: 504.816.8039 Faculty Dodd 100
Taylor, Sheila 504.282.4455 x8025 Director River City Café
Terrill, Elizabeth 504.282.4455 x8010
Fax: 504.816.8039 Research Doctoral Programs Coordinator Research Doctoral Programs
Testing/Counseling 504.282.4455 x8004
Fax: 504.816.8090 LMCCC, Lifesongs Building
Tolbert, Mark 504.282.4455 x8227 Caskey Center Director, Faculty HSC 215
Vandercook, Sandra 504.282.4455 x3742 Faculty HSC 208G
Waller, Joe 504.282.4455 x3348 Administrative Assistant Financial Aid
Wang, Michael 504.282.4455 x3348 Director Financial Aid
Warner, Daniel 407.468.4251 Faculty Orlando Hub
Warren, William F. 504.282.4455 x3735
Fax: 504.816.8009 Faculty HSC 260
Watts, Laurie S. 504.282.4455 x8180
Fax: 504.816.8157 Faculty ITC, HSC 290
Watts, Ryan 504.282.4455 x8061 Videographer MissionLab
Wetzel, Maria 504.816.8121 Chapel Coordinator Chapel Office
Wetzel, Mike 800.662.8701 x8145
Fax: 504.816.8019 Vice President for Institutional Advancement Institutional Advancement
Whatley, Nancy 504.282.4455 x3252
Fax: 504.816.8019 Admin Assistant Institutional Advancement
Whatley, Steve 504.282.4455 x8041
Fax: 504.816.8582 Life Safety Coordinator Facilities
White, Kathrin 504.816.8024 Staff Assistant President's Office
Wilburn, Michael 352.697.5384 Director Orlando Extension Center
Williams, Brian 504.282.4455 x8069 Ministry Site Coordinator MissionLab
Wilson, Andrew 504.282.4455 x8030
Fax: 504.816.8031 Purchasing Manager Business Office
Wilson, Zoë 504.816.8322 Student Life Director Dean of Students
Wilson, Robert 470.655.0837 Certificate Center Director North Georgia Center
Wirfs, Mari 504.816.8596
Fax: 504.816.8452 Director Clinic, HSC
Women's Ministry 504.282.4455 x3334 Dean of Students Office
Woodward, Greg 504.282.4455 x3229 Faculty Sellers 128
Worley, Vernon 504.282.4455 x8180 ITC, HSC 290
Youth Ministry Institute 504.282.4455 x8107
Fax: 504.816.8420 Dodd 203

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