Emerging Regions Ministry Scholarship

Emerging Regions Ministry Scholarship


The Emerging Regions Ministry Scholarship is available to MA and MDiv students who are actively serving in a collegiate ministry position in an Emerging Region.  This scholarship is designed to assist students who are underfunded or raise their own support to participate in their collegiate position, therefore consideration for this scholarship will be based on student financial need.  If you have a question on whether or not a state is considered emerging, please contact the Financial Aid office at financialaid@nobts.edu

  • The applicant must be a Graduate-level student.
  • The applicant must meet the qualifying hours for graduate students (9 credit hours).
  • Applicants who receive this scholarship will continue to receive it every year they continue employment with their collegiate ministry.
  • Recipients will be required to submit a verification of employment annually.
  • Students who have a break of a semester or more in their enrollment will be required to reapply for the scholarship.
  • Written documentation verifying one's current place of service in an Emerging Region will be required of all scholarship applicants. An email detailing the needed documentation will be sent upon submission of the application.


These are states labeled as Emerging Regions:

Alaska Arizona California


North Dakota

South Dakota

Hawaii Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Nebraska
Maryland Delaware Michigan Minnesota Wisconsin Nevada
New England New York

New Jersey

The Northwest Ohio


Utah  Idaho

West Virginia

Wyoming Canada

Puerto Rico 



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