Leavell College Dean's Council

Newly created, the Leavell College Dean's Council is a devoted group of Leavell College alumni and friends who support the academic priorities and goals of the college through an annual gift of $1,000, or if you are age 40 or younger, $500 to the Leavell College Excellence Fund.

You're joining a new initiative that bolsters a growing undergraduate program. The Leavell College Excellence Fund is your opportunity to help provide the personal support needed to ensure that Leavell College programs, faculty, students, and facilities keep pace with ministry demands.

Currently, the college’s greatest priority is supporting undergraduate scholarships. When you partner with us, you help Leavell College recruit and retain the best and brightest students. Your contribution to the Leavell College Excellence Fund is vital to the college maintaining excellence by bolstering its impact on students and their contributions to theological knowledge.

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