Dr. Thomas Strong

Meet Dr. Thomas Strong

When Leavell College began offering accredited, four-year undergraduate degrees in 1993, the school had three faculty members. Dr. Thomas Strong was one of those three—and he’s been a passionate part of the Leavell College family ever since.

Dr. Strong, who currently serves as the dean of Leavell College, earned his bachelor’s degree from Union University in Tennessee. Yet, he quickly developed a heart for undergraduate education while working on his master’s and doctorate at NOBTS.

Before the undergraduate program was fully accredited, a man named Jerry Breazeale was the director of the undergraduate program. I developed a friendship with him and graded for him for about four years. And he helped me fall in love with this program. So, even as a master’s student, I began to sense God working in this place.

Dr. Dew has made elevating our undergraduate program one of his top priorities. For example, we’ve moved Leavell’s physical offices to a prominent place in the student center and strengthened our undergraduate recruiting efforts. But one of the most exciting changes has been our strategic plan to expand our undergraduate curriculum by systematically adding majors over the next several years.

We’re now offering a bachelor’s of arts degree with seven different majors. And it’s our goal is to expand even further by offering three new majors every year for the next three to four years.

We want to be clear: At New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, undergraduate education is not just “something else we do.” It’s a part of who we are. Like the seminary, Leavell College provides students with a foundation of training and doctrinal integrity, whether they choose to serve in the local church after graduation or pursue graduate studies. It empowers them to stand firm in a world where compromise comes so easily. And our students are responding.

We’re seeing our Worldview and Apologetics degree really blossom. It’s a natural draw for students because they want to know not only what they believe, but also why they believe it. We also require students to take a critical thinking class. We want to help people learn how to think well because bad logic leads to even worse theology.

The vision we have for undergraduate and graduate programs is God-sized because the challenge of spreading the gospel is God-sized. And we want you to be part of this journey. So, we’re asking you to partner financially with New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and Leavell College. Your generous gift will make a difference for the kingdom by making a difference in the lives of our students.

Prayerfully consider how you can join God’s work here in New Orleans. And thank you in advance for your consistent prayers and your financial support.


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