PhD Fellowships

NOBTS offers a limited number of PhD Fellowships to fund the tuition of excellent applicants and current students. Fellowships are available to both New and Current PhD Students. Consideration for a fellowship requires a reference letter from two different professors who have taught the student.

A public introduction of fellows will be made at the annual Convocation service at the start of each academic year. Recipients also will be highlighted in the NOBTS Vision magazine and other seminary publications and media.

Fellowships offer 8 consecutive semesters of financial assistance to a student as long as they remain active and in good standing in their PhD Program. If a student on a fellowship changes their major and their fellowship was program-specific, they may no longer qualify for that fellowship. Amount offered per fellowship may vary. 



Fellowships Offered

  • Charles Ray Pigott Fellowship for Minority Students
  • Dr. Rhonda Kelley PhD Fellowship for Women's Leadership
  • Annetta Jernigan PhD Fellowship for Women
Biblical Studies
  • Thomas S. and Mary W. Messer Fellowship in New Testament and Greek
  • J. Duncan Boyd III Memorial Fellowship in OT and Hebrew
Theology and History
  • Charles Ray Pigott Fellowship in Apologetics
  • Calhoun PhD Fellowship for Apologetics and Philosophy
  • Lucille and Harold Harris PhD Fellowship in Christian Counseling
Church Ministry
  • C.C. Randall Fellowship in Evangelism
  • Dr Chuck Kelley PhD Fellowship for Evangelism Studies
  • Milton & Charlotte Williams Fellowship in Preaching
  • Bart and Edith Neal Fellowship in Christian Leadership


Robert S. Magee Doctoral Fellowships

Every year, two PhD students are nominated by faculty to receive the Magee Doctoral Fellowship. This only lasts two semesters and involves receiving the award during the annual Celebration of Excellence. This fellowship cannot be applied for. Those who are already on a fellowship or have already recieved this fellowship are not eligible for it.