PhD Studies:
Application Process

How to Apply to the PhD Program

After submitting your initial application, you'll see prompts to complete supplemental items into your portal, including taking the GRE, uploading a sample research paper, completing a criminal background check, requesting transcripts, uploading a Statement of Purpose and Call, securing an endorsement from your local church, submitting a Proof of Immunization form, instructions to informally secure a faculty supervisor, and listing references through the application portal.

Each of these items is housed in your application portal, so you will always be able to log in and check the status of your supplemental items. Your application will not be complete until the PhD office receives all supplemental items.

International applicants have additional supplemental items.

The academic division will schedule the entrance exam for all applicants after the application deadline. Entrance exams are are required for all majors except Counselor Education and Supervision.

After completing the entrance exam, the division of your proposed area of study will schedule interviews with each applicant. All applicants are required to come to campus for the interview (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis). You will be asked about your reasons for pursuing a PhD, research interests, and recent academic preparations and readings in your proposed field of study. Other concerns may be addressed in order for the faculty to ascertain your potential for advanced studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All PhD and ThM application are due by February 1 (for Fall admission) and September 1 (for Spring admission).

5 years. If you've taken the GRE within the last five years, just request for them to submit the scores to us via the GRE website.

The applicant should preferably submit a research paper in their proposed major. Applicants for the Division of Theological and Historical Studies must submit a paper in a T&H discipline. If no paper is available, the applicant should contact the Associate Dean of Research Doctoral Programs for guidance.

While students are highly encouraged to be present for courses person, all courses can be attended synchronously online. For the Comprehensive Exam and Dissertation Defense, students are expected to make-person attendance a priority, though exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

While any load is considered 'full time' for financial aid and housing purposes, a true 'full time' loadcludes two seminars and either a Reading Seminar or Supervised Mentorship. If students take a full load each semester (including the summer/winter workshopstro to Research and Writing and Teaching Higher Education), they can complete the entire residency stage four semesters. This is the recommended pace.

Partial load is defined as one PhD seminar and one program component every semester. Students who have work or ministry commitments that require more than part-time employment hours should consider doing a partial load.

The maximum program length is seven years from the date ofitial registration. All work for the degree (residency and dissertation) must be completed within that period of seven years.

Applicants will select their top 2 or 3 supervisor preferences during the application process and will reach out to schedule anterview with themdividually to evaluate whether they would serve as the supervisor of that student (i.e., researchterest, expertise, and availability). The faculty member has the prerogative to choose the students they wish to supervise. You may contact potential supervisors at any point your application process, but exactstructions are given the list of supplemental items your application portal.

To see who could serve as a faculty supervisor for yourtended major, click the title of the major on the PhD homepage.

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