PhD Studies:
Biblical Theology

Why Biblical Theology?

"The people of God need to understand the big picture of what is happening in the biblical narrative. Pursuing a PhD in Biblical Theology allows a scholar to devote a significant portion of their life to understanding how the stories, themes, and structures found within the biblical text form neuro pathways of theological meaning that shape our identity and purpose as God's people. The Biblical Theology major draws students to consider the overwhelming question of how the Triune God reveals himself throughout all of Scripture. This degree is equally valuable for those called to serve in the academy and the local church."

Dr. Cory Barnes, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Alan Bandy

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Dr.Cory Barnes

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Dr. Archie England

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Dr. Charlie Ray III

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Sample Courses

This course explores the history of biblical interpretation, genres, hermeneutical principles, and major contributors in the discipline. The course includes an overview of the history of interpretation and traditional methodologies with a focus on current applications of critical, biblical interpretation. The course addresses the hermeneutical concerns deriving from text-centered, author-centered, and reader-centered approaches, especially noting how each may apply to current settings in biblical interpretation. This course prepares the student with an overarching understanding of the field of biblical interpretation and provides an awareness of methodological approaches for biblical research and investigation.

The seminar is a directed doctoral-level research seminar investigating the recent definitions and methods of biblical theology. Students will investigate the key contributors, literature, and significant interpretative issues of biblical theology. Students will study selected biblical themes utilizing hermeneutics and intertextuality to create the best possible foundation for biblical theology.

This seminar is a directed doctoral-level research seminar investigating textual relationships between the Old and New Testaments. Specifically, the seminar focuses on the New Testament authors' use of quotations, allusions, and echoes from the Old Testament.

Ready to Apply?

Prerequisites for PhD in Biblical Theology:

  • MDiv or MA degree
  • 12 hours each of upper-level Greek and Hebrew
  • Proficiency in German, French, or Latin by beginning of first semester (by completing 9 credit hours, passing a proficiency exam, or earning a certificate from a recognized program)