PhD Studies:
Christian Apologetics

Why Apologetics?

"Our society is increasingly post-Christian and hostile to the faith. The rise of "nones", New Atheists, and deconstructionists pose challenges to evangelism and discipleship, as the cultural atmosphere is intellectually and spiritually unfavorable to even considering the truth of Christianity. Studying apologetics has enabled me to engage peers across the worldview spectrum and dialogue reasonably and civilly with the questions, doubts, objections, and obstacles that they raise. Pursuing a Ph.D. in Apologetics will provide you not just with the tools to respond to our cultural challenges, but also the credentials to speak and teach authoritatively on the issues facing the Church today."

Dr. Tawa Anderson, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Tawa Anderson

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Dr. Rhyne Putman

Faculty Bio

Sample Courses

This seminar addresses contemporary expressions of atheism and relativism in the academy and culture, including issues that relate to evangelism, biblical studies, apologetics, philosophy, and ethics. Special attention is given to historical and intellectual precursors of atheism and relativism, their contemporary expression, and the methodological presuppositions of those advocating or opposing atheism and relativism.

This seminar examines classic and modern arguments against the miraculous with special attention to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All students will understand the issue involved in coming to a position on the reality of miracles past and present, with particular attention given to evidence and objections to the resurrection of Jesus.

The seminar constitutes an intensive study of key issues concerning how Christianity relates to other religions, focusing particularly upon the differing conceptions of God, Jesus, and salvation. Attention is given to pertinent biblical testimony, historical developments, and contemporary perspectives on these issues with a mind to critiquing various perspectives and constructing a suitable Christian response.

Ready to Apply?

Prerequisites for PhD in Christian Apologetics:

  • MDiv or MA degree
  • 6 upper-level graduate hours in Apologetics
  • Proficiency in Biblical Greek or Hebrew (by earning an MA or MDiv which required the languages, or by completing a certificate from a recognized program)
  • 3 credit hours of Logic by the end of your first year