PhD Studies:
Christian Education

Why Christian Education?

"Christian Leadership is a vital area of study for the church and ministry organizations. Everyday ministry leaders need additional information, coaching, and mentorship to lead well. Join the next generation of developing leaders through research and teaching with this major."

Dr. Jody Dean, Assisstant Professor for Christian Education

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Emily Dean

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Dr. David Odom

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Dr. Donna Peavey

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Dr. Randy Stone

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Sample Courses

The purpose of this seminar is to advance understanding of the fields of discipleship and spiritual formation especially within the context of the local church. This seminar is designed to survey discipleship and spiritual formation of adults by collecting and comparing biblical text and social science research. Special attention is given to definitions and terms, strategies and models, and current discipleship practices pertinent to various life stages. Personal spiritual formation also is addressed.

Students will explore the multifaceted contexts of Christian education, discipleship ministries, and ministry leadership. Emphases will include sociological, educational, technological, and denominational influences on the design and leadership of educational ministry to children, youth, and adults. An effort is made to enhance the student’s understanding of the dominant culture and to equip the student to impact the world more effectively.

This seminar will involve studying and researching the issues and implications of conflict resolution and crisis management in congregations and ministry organizations. Students will explore intensity levels of conflict, theories of conflict resolution and crisis management, and appropriate leadership skills related to conflict resolution and crisis management in congregations and ministry organizations.

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Prerequisites for PhD in Christian Education:

  • MDiv or MA degree
  • 6 credit hours of Statistics
  • 12 credit hours of Masters-level courses in Christian Education