PhD Studies:

Why Missiology?

"Studying missiology allows you to engage the Scriptures with an eye toward culture, history, and practice. Personally, I cannot think of a more compelling subject for engaged thinkers who desire kingdom impact beyond their own scope of ministry. Ph.D. in Missiology students have the opportunity to grow into rigorous Great Commission academicians who contribute to the field while growing a love for our global neighbors."

Dr. Greg Mathias, Associate Professor of Global Missions

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Greg Mathias

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Dr. Ken Taylor

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Sample Courses

This study of the world’s living religions treats them individually with attention to historical development and doctrinal content. Emphasis is given to the role of cultural influences in the formation of the religion and in the process of sharing the Christian witness with them.

This seminar examines the current issues, trends, and methodologies in missions. Building from biblical and historical foundations, students will examine, engage, and build strategies, focused on global evangelism, discipleship, and missions, for contemporary cross-cultural contexts.

Ready to Apply?

Prerequisites for PhD in Missiology:

  • MDiv or MA degree
  • 12 credit hours of Masters-level Missions courses
  • 6 credit hours of Biblical Greek or Hebrew
  • Proficiency in French, German, Spanish, or Latin (by completing 9 credit hours, passing a proficiency exam, or earning a certificate from a recognized program)