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What is the Post-Doctoral Certificate?

Post-Doctoral Certificate

The purpose of the Post-Doctoral Certificate is to offer professional development for Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Educational Ministry graduates. Each certificate consists of 11 credit hours, 3 seminars in a specific area of specialization (9 hrs) and the Program Overview & Research Writing Workshop (2 hrs). NOBTS ProDoc graduates will be given advanced credit for the 2-hour workshop. Graduates pursuing these certificates will enroll in existing seminars along with current ProDoc students earning their degrees, which enhances the learning environment.

Conditions: Students are not permitted to duplicate courses from their previous DMin/DEdMin. Students are not permitted to transfer credits from their previous DMin/DEdMin. Post-Doctoral Certificate students will pay the current per hour tuition  rate for Professional Doctoral Program as listed in the current Graduate Catalog .





- DMin or DEdMin degree
- 3.0 out of 4.0 GPA 
- No ministry position required

Below are the specializations and the courses that correspond: 

Christian Apologetics

  • PDWS8201 Program Overview & Research Writing Workshop

           Choose 3 of the following

  • PMTH8300 Apologetic Preaching

  • THCH8302 The Church, Law, and Religious Liberty 

  • THTH8303 The Problem of Evil and Suffering

  • THTH8304 The Christian Worldview

  • THTH8305 The Bible and Contemporary Issues

Total Required: 11 hours

Strategic Leadership 

  • PDWS8201 Program Overview & Research Writing Workshop

           Choose 3 of the following

  • PMLS8300 Strategic Leadership

  • PMLS8301 Leading Congregational Change

  • CEAM8301/PMLS8305 Leadership Styles in Ministry 

  • CEAM8302 Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

  • CEAM8303 Building and Managing an Effective Organization

Total Required: 11 hours

Church Revitalization

  • PDWS8201 Program Overview & Research Writing Workshop

           Choose 3 of the following

  • PATH8304 Critical Issues in Church Revitalization 

  • PATH8305 Contemporary Models for Church Revitalization 

  • CEAM8302/PMLS8304 Conflict Resolution    and Crisis Management

  • CEAM8304 Creating a Winning Team 

  • PMEV8302 Developing a Strategy for Healthy, Evangelistic Church Growth  

Total Required: 11 hours

Discipleship and Spiritual Formation 

  • PDWS8201 Program Overview & Research Writing Workshop

           Choose 3 of the following

  • PMEV8305 Developing a Disciple Making Strategy for Healthy, Evangelistic Church Growth

  • THCH8301 Spiritual Formation of the Minister

  • CEAM8303 Building and Managing an Effective Organization

  • CEAM8305 Strategic Church Development thru CE 

  • CECH8302 Spiritual Formation in Childhood

  • CEYH8303 Discipling Youth in a Family Ministry Context

Total Required: 11 hours


PDWS8201 Program Overview & Research Writing Workshop

Choose 3 selected seminars in a specific topic with advisement from the Program Director.

Total Required: 11 hours

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