Check in and Check out


When you arrive on campus, come to the Housing Office inside the Luter Student Center. The office is located just past the restrooms. We will complete your check-in paper work and this is where you will receive your key to your new residence. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM.

If you arrive on campus after regular business hours or on the weekend, the check-in paperwork must be completed the following business day. When you arrive, go to the guard house to pick up your key, and sign the form showing that you have arrived and picked up the key. 



Once all of you belongings have been removed from the property and you have cleaned the apartment, come by the Housing Office, during normal business hours to return your key.

  1. Call Entergy to set up a time to transfer your electric. 
  2. Contact your internet or cable provider
  3. Have your mail forwarded to your new address through the USPS website
  4. Ensure that you have removed all belongings and excessive trash from the unit to prevent being fined any unnecessary charges. This includes items outside your dwelling, like bikes and grills
  5. DO NOT unplug the refrigerator. Remove all food items from the fridge and freezer before you leave
  6. Once your unit has been walked, we will contact you about items left being charged or damage charges
  7. Your deposit is credited to your student account after check out is complete including a final walk though by the Housing Office

If you are leaving campus after office hours, stop by the guard house to return your keys and sign the check out form. Failure to return keys may result in additinal rent charges and failure to return key charges. 

Check Out Form     This is to be completed after keys are turned in. You may print and turn in at the guard house when you return your key. 

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