Hurricane Preparation

Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30. The following information is to advise the seminary family how best to prepare for a hurricane coming into the New Orleans area. During hurricane warnings, all seminary residents are advised to stay tuned to radio station WBSN FM-89.1, television station WWL Channel 4, radio station WWL 870 AM or for up-to-date weather information. Students, Faculty and Staff are encouraged to sign up for the emergency texts by visiting the Emergency Text Messaging Page. The Mayor's office will be making announcements through the media. If the Mayor or the President of NOBTS recommends that you leave the city, then do so.
For information, call 800-662-8701.

If a mandatory evacuation is called every one will leave, except emergency personnel. STAYING ON CAMPUS IS NOT AN OPTION! 

Hurricane Preparation Links

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