Complaints and Grievances

Got a complaint or grievance?

We all get frustrated sometimes, and human relationships are never perfect. Sometimes it’s just that simple, and we have to accept it. Sometimes, though, frustrations and relationship issues rise to the level of actual complaints or grievances against the institution or a fellow student, staff member, or faculty member. NOBTS has a formal policy that addresses these sorts of concerns. If you are wondering how to handle a complaint or grievance at NOBTS, here is some guidance.

  • Start Simply.  If you have not yet had a conversation with the offending person or the director of the department in question, please do so.  It's the first step of the seminary grievance policy, and its designed to follow Jesus' teaching in Matthew 18.  It's also a great way to develop a core ministry competency of interpersonal relationship skills.  
  • Get Some Advice.  If you have tried the direct approach, or if you have reason to not wish to do this, contact the Dean of Student's office for help.  I or one of my staff members will always take time for you.  Coming in to talk about a complaint or problem does not automatically trigger a formal process. 
  • Follow the Roadmap.  The seminary has a formal grievance policy for both academic and non-academic matters.  It's located in the Student Handbook in the General Policies section, and it's designed to make sure you have a fair hearing and opportunity to resolve the situation. We follow this policy in dealing with all complaints and grievances, so the policy is your friend.  
  • Skip It All When Warranted.  If you think someone is in danger or if the situation represents an imminent emergency (there's water spewing from a pipe in my dorm room ceiling; someone's in severe emotional distress; someone is violating a clear campus safety guideline; etc.), call Campus Police immediately and let them address it.  We will work with you after the fact to address any consequences.

Bottom line?  We have a formal process for complaints and grievances, but we encourage an informal practice of working out your differences first hand where you can.  I'm always happy to visit, and the same goes for my staff.



Contact me at:

Dr. Craig Garrett

Dean of Students

504-282-4455 ext. 3283

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