Training Opportunities

The Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center

NOBTS counseling students study and begin their clinical training in the state of the art Leeke Magee Christian Counseling Center. The center is equipped with classrooms, conference rooms, individual counseling rooms, play therapy rooms, and a family and group counseling room, all with audio and video recording capabilities to facilitate effective supervision, as well as counselor and client safety. The LMCCC is equipped with an advanced Electronic Health Record system and student iPads for counseling records. Counseling faculty, as well as administrative and support staff, office in the center, giving students easy access to their professors and clinical supervisors whenever they work with clients. The center is located on a highly visible front corner of the NOBTS campus and serves clients from the New Orleans community and the seminary family, and also receives referrals from several agencies and programs in the city.  All students start their clinical training at the LMCCC.

Counseling Internships in New Orleans

Once students complete an initial clinical practicum at the LMCCC, they are free to continue there for their clinical internships or to choose an outside internship site in the city or surrounding areas. Students regularly serve in a number of local counseling clinics and in other settings serving the New Orleans area community based on their specific areas of interest. 

PhD Fellowships

NOBTS offers a number of fellowships that may apply to PhD students in Counselor Education and Supervision. The Research Doctoral Fellowship Program provides for most or all tuition and fees for outstanding doctoral students for up to four years from entrance into the doctoral program. For more information on PhD fellowships at NOBTS, check out the Doctoral Fellowship Program page. Currently, the following fellowships are held by PhD students in counseling:

Lucille and Harold Harris PhD Fellowship in Christian Counseling

Charles Ray Pigott Fellowship for Minority Students

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