Program Description


The EdD is considered a Research Doctoral Degree and features three majors:

Teaching/Pedagogy                                Educational Leadership                     Ministry Leadership


Program Elements                                                                           (12 hours)
Introduction to Research and Writing                                        3 hours
Teaching in Higher Education                                                    3 hours                                                                                                         **Exemption Request                                                                                                                   
Educational Research Models/Methods                                    3 hours
Educational Career and Context                                                 2 hours
Oral Proficiency Exam                                                                  1 hours
Required Seminars                                                            (16 hours)
History, Philosophy, & Theology of CE                                       4 hours
Educational Psychology                                                              4 hours
Discipleship & Spiritual Formation                                             4 hours
Higher Education Leadership/Christian School Leadership    4 hours
Mentorships (Choose Major)                                                                     (6 hours)
Ministry Leadership
     (Integrated Mentorship with Mentored Reading Colloquium)
Educational Leadership
     (Integrated Mentorship with Mentored Reading Colloquium)
Teaching/ Pedagogy
     (Integrated Mentorship with Mentored Reading Colloquium)
Electives (8000 or 9000 Level)                                12 hours
A combination of 8000 or 9000 level seminars may be taken.
  Dissertation                                                                           (9 hours)
Oral Proficiency Exam                                                              1 hour          
Prospectus Approval                                                                1 hour
Research and Writing                                                               6  hours
Dissertation Defense                                                                1  hour
Total Hours                                                                            54        

EdD Program Stages


Doctor of Education Oversight Committee (EdDOC)


Dr. Randy Stone
Professor of Christian Education
Director, Doctor of Educational Ministries Program (DEdMin)
Director, Doctor of Education Program (EdD)
John T. Sisemore Chair of Christian Education

Associate Professor for Christian Education
Senior Associate Regional Dean for Extension Centers
Director, Mentoring Programs in Christian Education

Professor for Christian Education
Director of Program Advancement - Early Learning Center

Professor for Student Ministry

Professor of Discipleship & Ministry Leadership




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