Course Schedules

If you do not enroll in a seminar or workshop, you must enroll in one of the following program status options.       

Program Status Options

EDDC9001 Continual Enrollment

EdD students not enrolled in at least one workshop or seminar during the current semester should register for this status. A course enrollment fee is charged for Continual Enrollment. 

EDDC9002 Program Delay

Students who do not plan to register for at least one workship or seminar during the current semester or summer must register for Program Delay status until they reactivate their program or request inactive status from the EdD office. Students must pay a fee for each semester or summer of Program Delay (see Students' Fee page in graduate catalog).

EDDC9003 Inactive Status

Students must submit a request and be approved for Inactive status by the Doctor of Education Oversight Committee (EDOC), after which the student is registered for this status each semester and summer until they reactivate their program. Students may remain Inactive Status for up to one year. 

Current Doctor of Education Schedule(s)

Doctor of Education Summer 2024 Schedule

Doctor of Education Fall 2024 Schedule

Professional Doctoral Courses (8000)

Research Doctoral Courses (9000)


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