on Friday, December 22, 2017

A lot of the time we focus so much on ourselves and our healthy  journeys that we lose sight of God in the midst of it all it. I personally think there is a very spiritual element of fitness and using the bodies God has gifted us with to the best of our ability. In fact, I’ve known some who considered their workouts to be exclusively for God and God alone. While I can’t say I’ve experienced this every workout, I have had plenty of worshipful workouts where I spent a great deal of time with God. And, here’s how.

  1. Read Scripture Before Exercise

Reading scripture will get you into the right mindset before working out. Instead of worrying about your own progress or selfish desires, you’ll think of God and be thankful for the body he has given you.

  1. Pray Before and During Exercise

Enter God’s presence before the workout even begins. You’ll be more likely to focus on Him instead of yourself during exercise.

  1. Listen to Worship Music

Regardless of the genre, listen to music that helps you connect to God. There are so many Christian artists nowadays that it shouldn’t be hard to find worship music that not only helps you connect to God, but motivates you to move around and workout.

  1. Talk To God As You Go

Ask Him for help as you’re finishing the last mile. Seek Him when you’re trying to get to the last rep. And most of all, thank him for abilities he’s given you.