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on Friday, December 22, 2017
  • Halo Top Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried this yet, you’ve been missing out. All flavored pints  come in less than 400 calories each and at least 20 grams of protein a piece. They taste AMAZING if you just stay patient enough to let them sit out on the counter for a few minutes to defrost a little bit. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and  Peanut Butter Cup, but every flavor I’ve tried so far is amazing.

  • Quest Bars

Some people will look at me strange for this, but Quest Nutrition’s motto is “Cheat Clean” for a reason.

  • Protein Pancakes

Now this is something I can eat completely guilt-free. With a little bit of peanut butter and honey on top, it makes for the perfect high-protein meal that also satisfies.

  • Dark Chocolate

Stick around 70% and up and you’ll benefit from the bittersweet flavor and antioxidants!

  • Coffee

This one is unexpected for most people, but I tend to drink my coffee black on the average day. When I want to treat myself to something sweet, a packet of splenda and some coffee creamer can go a long way!