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on Friday, December 22, 2017

When your heart feels like it’s going to burst while running your last lap, cutting the corners to the finish line can be really easy. When you’re out of breath, trying to finish up your last set of your last round, skipping reps can be extremely tempting.

I know I’ve felt it before, haven’t you?

Whether you’re working out alone or with a fitness class, taking the easy way out is a secret choice we can all make if we choose. It starts off with skipping 1 or 2 reps here, 3 or 4 reps there, and before you know it... you’ve “completed” your workout. You dry off your sweaty face and smile nervously, unsure as to whether you should be proud or guilty. Looking around, you realize that no one even noticed what you’ve done, and you pride yourself for working out at all in the first place and move on with your life.

This might be okay every now and then when you’re having an off day, but when it becomes a regular habit, you really have to ask yourself the hard question: Is this really okay?

Obviously, it’s easy to answer correctly when sitting down comfortably at the computer or hanging out on your phone. But, when you’re in the midst of working out, sweating and tired, the answer can quickly become unclear. Why? Because the temptation to sell yourself short is there!

Yes, I said sell yourself short. Not “finish faster” or “make it easier”. Whenever you’re cutting corners, skipping reps, or even removing entire sets from your workout, you’re only selling yourself short. The best way to combat this temptation is to recognize that simple fact, because in the end, you’re really only cheating yourself.

Just like in school, you may receive the “A” for completing the workout, but you’re not earning the grade or improving at all. You won’t reach your goals as quickly nor will you discover your true potential.

So next time you feel like giving in, push yourself! Go beyond your limits and see how far you can go without cheating yourself. That moment is when you’ll truly feel the proudest and time when real change begins.