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on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

No matter who you are, it’s a well known fact that everyone needs to exercise. According to, “most healthy adults” should “aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday”.

With class, work, family, friends, and everything else we have to balance in life (does netflix count?)  it can sound daunting or even feel impossible to fit exercise into our everyday routines. But fortunately, exercise can be completely subjective depending on the person and their goals. From simply walking across campus for work and class to hitting the gym hard for a workout, there are all kinds of methods to get our needed 30 minutes in.  That’s the great news! Everyone can treat their bodies well and actually love the process.

It all depends on your style of fitness and if you keep reading, we’re going to talk about some ways on how you can (hopefully) find it.

Remember, everyone’s style is going to be different and no one’s style is better or worse than another’s. All that matters is that you’re making the conscious effort to improve your lifestyle and manage your health. Your ‘style’ could vary and depend on many factors and will probably change as your life continually changes.

Schedule, goals, health, fitness level, hobbies, and personality can either make or change how you fit exercise into your day to day routine to stay healthy!


For the student whose biggest worry is making it to class, you can easily get your 30 minutes of exercise in by walking!

  • Stop driving your car to the Hardin Student Center and start walking your way to the classroom at an earlier time.

  • If your professor permits breaks during class, take advantage of that time to take a brief walk.

  • If you’re studying or writing a paper, take plenty of breaks to pace the room, dance to music, or step outside and clear your mind on the sidewalk for a few minutes.

Your mind will feel refreshed for the rest and your legs will probably thank you after having to sit down for hours on end!

For the workaholic type schedule, this can apply too.

  • Walk over to work if possible (on-campus jobs anyone?).

  • Pace the halls during whatever breaks you can get.

  • Hit the gym or take a walk during your lunch hour.

This may sound insignificant at first glance, but those 5 minutes here and there can easily add up over the course of the day!

For the busy parent, start playing and running around with your kids!

  • Go outside to spend some time together.

  • Visit Sunshine Park or any of the other parks on campus and get active, don’t just supervise!

  • Teach your child new sports and actively practice with them.

Your child will have a blast, you’ll get to bond, and you’ll be getting well-over 30 minutes of exercise in since your kid will probably want to keep you out for as long as possible!

If you’re married, make exercise something fun for you and your spouse to do together. You’ll experience something new together and get some quality time in! Maybe you’ll learn something new about your spouse, too.

  • Take a relaxing walk outside as a couple or start a running regime together.

  • Join a workout class together (you could join the Rec’s GetFit classes).

  • Take your weekend activities/vacations outdoors. Think skating, hiking, rock climbing, & swimming.


If you're more concerned with weight loss or building muscle, you may prioritize hitting the gym or joining a class or intramural sport more than others. Depending on what you want you want to do, the possibilities are endless!


With so many options for exercise, it’s really easy to find one that can become something you genuinely enjoy. If you’re extroverted, this might mean joining a sports team with friends. If you’re introverted, you might doing sports that can be done alone, like swimming, weight lifting, or running.



For those with joint problems, heart problems, chronic illnesses, and other ailments, the types of exercise you can do are might be limited. Make sure you know your limits and ask a doctor before starting any sort of fitness program.


If you can’t even pick the standard 45 lb barbell in the gym, you can’t expect yourself to start benchpressing in your new weight lifting program, but you can start off with some upper body workouts using some lighter dumbbells.

You HAVE to consider your fitness level when deciding on what type of exercise you want. If you’ve never been a runner, don’t expect yourself to start running miles on day one. Work your way up and set goals! Think BABY steps first. You’ll love seeing yourself make progress and you’ll feel super accomplished once you reach your goal!