Ways to Give

Ways to Give


Make a gift in your will to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary that costs you nothing during your lifetime.

IRA – QCD (Rollover)

Give up to $100,000 from your Traditional or Roth IRA to lower your taxable income all the while creating a tax-deductible gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Create an income stream for you or others with the remainder interest supporting our organization.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Create an income stream for you based on your life expectancy with the remainder interest supporting the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Charitable Lead Trust

Provides a stream of income to our organization for a period of years with the remainder passing to your children.

Donor Advised Fund

Simple and flexible, providing immediate tax benefits while maintaining your input for future charitable disbursements.

Legacy Way

Website: www.legacywaydaf.org
901 Commerce Street, suite 600, Nashville, TN 37230

LegacyWay DAF is an investment product of the Southern Baptist Foundation, a separate entity from NOBTS & Leavell College.

Retained Life Estate

Your home can become a valued gift even while you are living in it.

What to Give


Simplest way to make smaller gifts.

Appreciated Assets

Donating appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate saves you taxes.

Our Broker: TruWealth Advisors
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Contact Name: Chuck Simmons

Contact Number: 504-779-7799

Life Insurance

Donate the policy or name the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as beneficiary.

Residential Real Estate

If your residence is paid off, you can transfer this asset to a beneficiary but still live in it.

Retirement Plan Assets

A great tax-advantaged source to fund charitable gifts when you pass, and reduce tax to heirs.

How to Give

If you would like to speak with someone today about charitable giving opportunities, please contact Nancy Whatley at 504-816-8224 or email her at development@nobts.edu .

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